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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Landon,

Dear Landon,

You amaze me! It’s impossible not to smile when your around, your whole face just lights up, that big toothy smile melts my heart! Its so Hard to believe that You will be 20 months old on Saturday!

Your dad and I can not get enough of you, we are constantly telling you how much you are loved, I'm pretty sure you get annoyed by all the loving I give you! I'm constantly covering you in kisses, but  you never want to return them. You shock me when you decide  to give me one back. Your don’t have time ,your on the GOOOOOOOOO all the time!!!

Your vocabulary is becoming ridiculous! Your dad and I just stop and look at one another when we hear new words come out of your mouth! With our help you can already count to ten,  and sing part of your ABC's . Some of your favorite words are Mommy, Daddy, Oh Man, Sit (which sounds a lot like another word)  Outside, Shoe, Mickey, Just to name a few! Everyday its something new! You LOVE to sing and dance, we often have living room dance party's, which are actually pretty fun and a really good work out for your out of shape mommy! You have recently Got into books, You are constantly bringing us a one, and you will sit still for the first few pages and then your off on a new adventure!!!

This Summer has been full of new and exciting things!! Beach trips and boat rides and lots and lots of pool time!!!  We just recently switched you from you crib to your toddler bed!!! Ohhhh that new found freedom, which you have actually done really good with, nap time is pretty difficult but at bed time you are so worn out from the day, that you sleep like a rock! I really just cant believe how fast you are growing!

Your so tall and so Handsome! I love you more then I ever thought was possible. How in the world did I get so lucky!  I love you so much Landon Cole!!

Love Always and Forever,


  1. What a sweet letter to write to your son! My husband and I created an email address for our daughter and we send her e-mails a few times a month. When she is old enough we are going to let her read all the emails we have sent her since she was about 5 months! Happy Fun Tuesday!

  2. I wrote a post today to my boys too. They are teens. One is already out on his own - it was mostly to him. It was about taking advice.
    Loved your letter. Memories of my baby boys filled my heart as I read on. Thank you.
    ~ Mona : )
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  3. I LOVEEEE these sweet letters! I love how much he is talking! I can't imagine how sweet and adorable your convos are! You are such a wonderful mom!! XOXOOXOX <3 u!!

  4. These letters are such a wonderful way to communicate to Landon what he means to you. Just think, when he is older, he can always remember how you felt and read your words. Today is the anniversary of my father's death. I still have letters that he wrote to me in college and I cherish them even until today. It is amazing to know that you are loved.

  5. I love that he says "Oh man" ha- too cute!

  6. Goodness, how I love this! I may have to start doing this for Rozlyn now that I'm back in the game! So, so sweet!


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