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Monday, July 18, 2011

Summa Time!!!

Hey Guys!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!! I know we are !! We are keeping busy, going here there any every where!! I Have been a pretty Awful blogger lately, I'm really sorry that I have let you down, But if your here and reading, Thank you sooo much for not giving up on me!!! I do plan on coming back in full force after things Clam down!!!  I have so many happy things to  Share, I cant wait!!!

This Summer has been sooo much fun with Landon! He is growing so fast and he makes my jaw drop every day, I really Just cant  believe how Smart he is!!! I'm Like seriously!! Is this my Child!!! hehe!!!! Its Hard to believe that Saturday he will 20 months!!! WHOA!!!!! 

HAHA! I cut Myself Off!
 Ive been in the kitchen a lot more lately! Whipping up some fun stuff! OMG I made homemade chicken salad the other day! I shocked myself at how good it was!!! Jon couldn't believe that I made it!!!! I'm going to have to say it will now be a staple in out house!!!! We've been eating lots of fresh veggies from our garden and Landon has found a love for fresh blueberries!!!!

The weather has been scorching hot. So hot that its been difficult to go out and play! This week is no different with highs getting in the triple digits!!!!  I can  honestly say that I look forward to fall temperature's!!!

This Summer has been my favorite by far!!! I'm going to do my best to keep up with the blogging world! I have missed you guys so much!!!!! I feel like I have lost friends!!! Have a beautiful week!!!


  1. I'm still here :0) being an awful {summer} blogger right with you. Oliver has fallen in love with fresh blueberries too. It seems like I am buying them every other day.

    love ya girlie!! <3

  2. So glad you are enjoying summer- we have missed you, though:-) You should definitely post that chicken salad recipe! Please:-)


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