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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High On Life Thursday! 8

Hello!!! Welcome to the 8th,  High On Life Link up!!! Hosted By Myself and My friend Christina @ My Silly Life! What could be better then sharing what makes you smile and gives you  your inspiration!? We hope you enjoy and come back week after week

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OOOH How I LOVE them!!
They don't come soon enough, and they certainly doesn't last long enough!
Wouldn't it be nice if you could bottle up the happiness and excitement of the weekend, pull it out when times get rough during the week, and just watch it all melt away!!! LOL!!!! 
Ashlyn and Landon Cruising!

Wanna Know Why I love weekends!??
Here ya go!!!

Time with My boy's (Jon and Landon)
No rushing
The pool
Mini Vacations
Time with Family
Time with Friends
Sunday Lunch
Catching up on house work! (yes I said it)

Landon learning to drive the boat!

The weekend is almost here!


  1. Heather, both you and Christina's buttons are messed up. I mean, the HTML we are supposed to copy is so wrong. I dont know what happened, but, it's not right on either blog.

  2. love love love weekends!! 2 full days of playing, napping, and being silly with Oliver. YAY!

  3. I think everyone would be happier if the work week were only M-Th and we got an extra weekend day! :o) I'm gonna get on making that happen... ;o)

  4. ....And now its over, ha! Hope your weekend was amazing, though!That picture is darling!


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