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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High On Life Thursday!! 7

Hello!!! Welcome to the 7th,  High On Life Link up!!! Hosted By Myself and My friend Christina @ My Silly Life! What could be better then sharing what makes you smile and gives you  your inspiration!? We hope you enjoy and come back week after week

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WOHA!!!! 7 weeks!! MY how the weeks have flown by!!!
Thanks so much for  linking up!!


Opportunity, you can take it or leave it, sometimes it comes once in a life time, sometimes you wait and wait and it Never comes. But if you sit back  an look at all the Opportunity you have been given, you cant help but be HIGH ON LIFE!!

When I look around, I notice how lucky I am, Ive been given the opportunity to be a wife to an amazing man, an mother to a sweet little boy!! Ive been given the opportunity to be a mentor to 10th grade girls.  It amazing when you stop and think of all that God has given you!

 I challenge you to stop look around, take it all in, enjoy and savor each and every opportunity that you are given!!!!!


  1. Thanks for hosting. I've been following.
    I tried grabbing your button but something seems to be wrong with your cod.
    Please feel free to stop by and link your Hop and thumbnail on my Blog Catalog page.

    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

  2. Hello there! I have been wanting to link up for a few weeks but didn't feel like my posts were "High on Life" worthy. Have a great one!

  3. YAY!!! My first link up!! Hope you are doing well, sweet friend!!XO

  4. We are LUCKY, We are blessed to have this life and to have what and who we have in it. Thank you for the reminder that today I will make it a better day by taking every opportunity to be inspired. Have a great day! xoxoxo

  5. Heather, I didnt know you were a mentor- that is amazing! I bet the girls absolutely love you!

  6. I Love You!! Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you through this little blog world, and allowing me to call you my friend!!

  7. I still can't comment on your blog for some reason! i was just doing this these past few days...if anything in life, certain things just make you look at what you have and appreciate it that much more! you're awesome babe:)


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