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Saturday, November 20, 2010

BUSY BUSY weekend and WILD Target adventure!

Last night Jon's dad and step mom came into town, kicking off a  crazy busy string of events! I just  love this time of year, I get a bit overwhelmed, but its so much fun. I anticipate this year being the best yet, last year Landon was only days old for the holidays, We were new parents and soo nervous!! Now we are 3 days away from his first birthday November 23rd. I'm soo looking forward to the excitement Landon will bring this year.

We are planning a eventful first birthday for the little guy!!Tuesday is his birthday, but we are having his party Saturday. We have invited our closest friends and family to a chicken stew and hot dog roast. We chose to use bright primary colors and balls, and polka dots for his theme. Most of the food will be in the shape of balls! I really hope that the party turns out like it looks in my head!! Unfortunately I saw on the news that the temperature is going to drop Friday and into the weekend, OH NO!!! It will have  to be an indoor out door party!! Tuesday we will have a little mini celebration.

Landon and I had a busy day, we visited my parents who just got back from their first cruise. I was so happy that they got to go relax and just get away. They don't do stuff for themselves often. I loved listening to them about their trip and seeing their pictures. They seemed so  refreshed. My niece Ashlyn was also at my parents  house so needless to say  Landon and Ashlyn played and played! Ashlyn liked pretending that Landon was her little boy, let me inform you that Ashlyn is 3 and Landon is almost as tall as her, she would try to pick him up and carry him around and for some reason felt that she needed to wash his feet. It was too cute and funny! I wish I had pictures!

We also made a little trip to Target today, I'm not real sure what I was thinking trying to attempt this venture on my own. The purpose of our trip was to get Landon a new car seat. THANK GOODNESS we ended up running into our BFFs (Christina, Anthony, and little Kai), there is no way I could have done it with out them. First Landon decided that he didn't want to sit in the buggy but stand in it, So I ended up carrying him and pushing the cart. I eventually put him in the buggy with Kai they played so sweet together. Picking out a car seat was pretty serious business, Anthony helped me tons, he read the descriptions and helped me with the price comparisons. Thanks Ant! We finally picked out a great car seat and wouldn't you know it, but the big ole box wouldn't fit in the buggy, again Anthony to the rescue, he carried that big ole thing around for the rest of our Target trip. We also ran into my mother-in-law on our trip, She had my other sweet niece Addyson.  When Landon saw Addy he  kicked and wiggled his way out of my arms, and off he went, Addy and Landon ran up and down the isles, laughing and having a great time.  I don't wont to know what the other shoppers were thinking of me, but you try wrestling a wild alligator!  I'm so thankful for awesome friends and family! Couldn't have made that trip with out them!!! Landon and I both came home an zonked out, man that little adventure wore us out! Daddy didn't get to come on this little adventure with us, he was helping his brother, buy building materials for their new house!

Hey man, this is my buggy!!

Looking forward to tomorrow, Family reunion with Jon's side of the family, get to see lots of people, some who have never met Landon!! Should be lots of fun!


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