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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Landon Cole

My plan is to take every letter of Mr. Landon's name and describe something about him, something that I love, or a characteristic of him. It will either be in the form of a letter to him or a story about him or just a simple paragraph.  I will try and do this  every day until I have spelled his whole name! I may skip a few days here and there to write something else that may comes to mind,  but there are many days that I just sit here at this computer clueless about what to write. I'm still trying to find my niche in this blogging world. I figured that if  I ever draw a blank, I can simply write about a subject that I'm quickly becoming an expert on!!! All things Landon!

L~A~N~D~O~N   C~O~L~E


 It Goes with out saying that the minute  you came into our lives we were changed forever. You have brought about so much joy, and LOVE. LOVE that I never knew existed, and never felt so strong. Before you I never knew my heart could hold so much LOVE, Its a wonderful feeling. In the short time you have been in our world, you have taught your dad and I so much about LOVE. I LOVE to watch your dads eyes light up when you are around. I LOVE to watch him play with you and teach you new things. I think that you have even taught your dad and I to LOVE each other even more. 

I know you LOVE me back just by the way you smile at me when you wake up in the morning , and the way you wrap your arms around my legs when you want to be held. I can feel the LOVE when you bury your little head in my neck when you are scared, or when you are sleepy. My heart just wants to explode with this LOVE. Landon you have truly brought a whole new meaning to this simple little word LOVE. I thank God every day for you, I just cant get enough.

I Love you a Trillion,

P.S. I forgot the most important part,  I LOVE being your mom!

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