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Monday, November 8, 2010

Im Thankful for..........

I cant believe that Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away, Last Thanksgiving Landon was 2 days old, I remember I was so tired mentally and physically and sooo sleep deprived. Jon and I were determined that we were going to spend thanksgiving with our families! We did manage  to take advantage of  having a lot of family around. I gave my sweet ,tiny little man to my sister, and escaped for a few hours to get some peaceful much needed,  uninterrupted sleep.
My sweet beautiful grandmother and 2 day old Landon Thanksgiving 2009

Growing up Thanksgiving was and still is a really big deal, I have so many vivid memories of Thanksgiving, many include my grandfather, my hero. He was my family's rock, he was so proud of each and everyone of us. He made it know that we were each his favorite, in some way. I was always his favorite grand daughter named Heather. I can hear him telling  me that now, he would pretend he was telling me this major secret that I had never heard before , and every time I acted as if it was the first time I had ever heard it! As long as his family was together he was happy, that's all he ever wanted. One tradition that has continued over the years is  that before eating, we all sit down and tell what we were most thankful for. The last few years before my grandfather died, knowing that it could be his last Thanksgiving, I was always most thankful that God had given me one more year with him, my best friend. It blows my mind that its been 4 years since I last heard him tell me I was his favorite Heather!

What I would give for one more day with that man. How I wish that Landon could have met the man, who created this family. The man who taught us that nothing in the world is more important then family. The man, who taught me that giving up isn't an option and to shoot for the stars. I know that my grand father would be proud of me today. I now get to pass these values to Landon. Landon will know his great grandfather, he will know him  through stories and pictures , he will know how great and passionate he was about his family!

This year I am most Thankful that I was able to walk beside such a brilliant, loving man, and that I  have been given the opportunity  to teach my beautiful son a love that is indestructible.