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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dont be a Litter Bug!!

when Jon and I bought our house we had the option to buy the lot that was next to it. We thought it was a great Idea. This way we can keep a house from being built right next to us, and Its wooded so it gives us tons of privacy. On the other side of us we were blessed with wonderful neighbors, so sweet and they pretty much keep to themselves. We really are luck to have great neighbors!

Recently a neighborhood was built a few blocks down the road, were lets just say the people who live there don't take as much pride in their homes! Yesterday I came home and noticed that people had started to mistaken our extra lot for a landfill, It made me so mad. Some people have absolutely no respect for other peoples things!

So today I armed myself with a bag and my camera , Hi Ho Hi Ho  its off to clean up crap I go!! I have a hard enough time cleaning up my own messes let alone a complete strangers!

This is just crazy, this does not look like.......

How do you get the 2 mixed up!? UGGGHHHH!!!!!

Starbucks anyone, or maybe a yummy ICEE!!!
(The Starbucks may taste a bit funny, seeing that its a Christmas cup design.)

This stylish skull belt would look prefect with a cute pair of jeans!
(REALLY?????? Why would you throw a belt out of your car window??)

This my friends is a bag full of litter, a bag full of other peoples CRAP!!!

Why is it so hard for some people to throw their trash  in their  trash can in their own home? Why do you have to use my yard as  your trash dump. YUCK, YUCK, UGGGGHHHHH!!!!  It just makes me so mad. We work soo hard to make our home ours, not a neighborhood landfill.

OK I'm done rant over!!! Thank you for listening! 
Happy Saturday! Remember don't be a litter bug!!!


  1. I completely understand. I watched a guy throw his trash out the window at an abandoned house that is diaginal from us. I went and picked it up, found what house he lived at (less than a block away from where he threw the trash) and threw it in his yard. Didn't solve anything but it sure made me feel good! :D

  2. litter makes me angry too.... like REALLY ANGRY! come on people!

  3. Good for you girl! I hate litter bugs. Doesn't it feel good to be the opposite of one? Not only do you not litter but you clean it up. xo

  4. Came across your blog from Weekend Wander FTLOB! Love your willingness to say how you feel! Newest Follower

  5. Hey I'm a first time visitor and found your blog through FTLOB on weekend wander. I totally understand why you are upset- I would be so angry myself- what stinks even more is that since it's private land you're responsible to clean it up right? Ugh I would go crazy. It reminds me of a little rhyme we learned in elementary school that I still say from time to time.. "don't be a quitter.. pick up your litter!" Hope they stop throwing trash on your yard!


  6. I dislike litter bugs too. On our weekly walks around our neighborhood my daughter and I pick up trash that seems to accumulate quick around these parts. I think that it helps teach my kids the importance of keeping the earth clean.
    Happy Sunday :)

  7. This is just awful, don't understand how some people have such a lack of respect for other people's things. :-(

    hope your weekend got better!


  8. Wow, that is just crazy, and so disrespectful and rude. I am sorry you had to clean up other peoples trash, but good for you for taking pride in your home and doing it.

    Have a great day.

  9. Heather, I cannot believe people did that. I don't even like seeing people throw cigarette buds out the window of their cars. It's disgusting! Its sad that its your property and people are so disrespectful to not even care. Its also sad to think how many pieces of garbage you had to pick up... knowing that each one belonged to someone different probably.. so theres THAT many more people that do not care. I'm so proud to on my home and even seeing people who dont take care of their landscape outside.. makes me sad. They should be so thankful for what they have. Thanks for sharing this .. it should be on the news to maybe give people a little kick in the butt!


  10. OMG that makes me so mad when people do this too! One of my biggest peeves, ugh. So gross. I am sorry they did this to your property and that you had to clean it up.
    My Grandmother did the same thing on their property for 60 years. She would walk every morning armed with a grocery sack to pick up garbage. And really would come back with it full at least every other day. I mean seriously how can that many people do that this often??!! Pigs! I'd hate to see their homes!
    Rant over, LOL.
    I hope you had a great weekend. I am sorry about your grandparent too. I think that is very touching about the blanket. I bet it still has the smell of his skin.
    I hope you have a phenomenal day!!!!!

  11. AMEN!!! it's ridiculous * *

    PS. passing the Stylish Blogger Award to u deserving u! check my site to grab award & share :D


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