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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sickness has reared its ugly head in the Mitchell house AGAIN!!!! We are well one week, and the next we are battling ear infections or stomach viruses!!! YUCKKKK!!

This time it has hit all 3 of us at once, Daddy, Mommy and baby!!! I tell you this leads to some pretty restless nights. A baby coughing his head off, and a daddy snoring like some kind of wild beast man!! Yikes!!! Last night was a LOOOONG to say the least!!!

I took Landon to the Dr. Yesterday, poor guy couldn't get a break from coughing.I felt so bad for him, It was relentless.They tested him for RSV, THANK GOODNESS it was negative WOOHOO!!! She did say it was a cousin of RSV??? and that it would just have to run it course. Poor guy cough, cough cough, and their seems to be nothing I can do. :(

Daddy seems to have a sinus infection lots of sinus pressure and headaches, and Mom, she just has a good ole cold. BLAH!!!!

Thank goodness  it  all hit us this week. We are leaving for vacation next Friday! We are taking a trip with our friends to Williamsburg VA, Ive never been there. We are  SUPER excited! A nice get away from the normal of everyday!!! Have you guys ever been? Any suggestion on must see's and fun things to??

Have a restful, relaxing Sunday!


  1. Oh booo! So sorry, hope you all feel better soon! Thank goodness baby doesn't have RSV!

  2. I'm so sorry :( how sad. I hate when everyone is sick and miserable...yet there's just this feeling of everyone cuddling and spending time together they normally wouldn't...gotta look at the bright side hahah :) happy weekend!

  3. Yeah, we're sick too. I hope you all get better soon!

  4. Kick that crud! I hope you all feel better quickly. Hollar if you need something, I'm right down the road :)

  5. Beautiful family. Stopping by from Say Hi Sunday. Now following.

  6. Oh no - so sorry to hear you are all sick! Get better soon - I know how hard it is to watch them suffer and not being able to do anything! And the snoring hubby - tell me about it! hahaha
    Get better!
    Hugs xxx

  7. We keep passing the sickies back and forth at our house, too. Somehow the little man's germs seem way more potent for the rest of us than they are to him. Weird!

    Feel better and enjoy vacation! Stopping by from the Say Hi Sunday Blog Hop. And your newest follower!
    Mom In Orbit

  8. Never been there but it would be lovely to see pictures of some of wonderful things you see there. I hope you and your family will be well soon enough. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am especailly greateful to make new blog friends. have a wonderful Sunday Evening, and get more sleep tonight!

  9. I'm visiting from Chrissy in America ... don't you just adore her!?! Your blog is cute, your babe is adorable ... so sorry to hear that everyone is sick, yuck. Glad he doesn't have RSV (been there, miserable!), hope everyone is feeling better in time for vacation!!

    Maegan :)

  10. So sorry Heather! We have been sick on and off for months. I'm over it! I hope you are all feeing better! xo

  11. Get better immediately! all of you! Sending love and lots of virtual vitamins! hehe

    Happy Valentines Day Heather!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  12. Oh gosh I'm sorry to hear this! I hope you all get well soon. Our family was hit hard with lots of yucky stuff too. Dad and 3 year old had Influenza A. 3 year old also had H1N1...he was really bad...scary bad! Then the 5 year old had Influenza B with Strep Throat too. 17 year old had Influenza B. 2 of us had UTI's and colds. Then Nana & Papa got Influenza B/A bad because they were around us all and helping.
    Oh man it was a rough week and a half. But other than coughs everyone is MUCH better :)

  13. Oh yuck, hope you all feel better soon! I think Timothy woke up this morning with a cold, he sounds congested and is coughing with a runny nose.


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