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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Please Pardon My Mess and Randomness!

I'm Baaaack!!!!! Did you guys miss me??? I sure missed yall!! I cant believe I haven't posted since Monday, WHOA!! I feel soo out of the loop!!! I have sooo much reading and posting to catch up on!!! New followers please forgive me, I'm coming to visit you , I promise!!!

 Please pardon my mess!!!! I won a blog makeover from the wonderful FTLOB by the awesome Masto Mama, she is in the process of changing over the design, and unfortunately she has had some difficulties with the html, so now we just wait for blogger to fix it! Hurry blog people I'm excited!!!

Vacation was a blast, we had sooo much fun , lots of little adventures and relaxation!!! I cant wait to show you guys pictures and tell you all about it!!! So bare with me as I get myself organized!!

 So, tonight Jon and I were invited to a birthday party. A sweet 16 birthday party, so the fact that  were invited made me feel uber cool!( I wont mention that we are good friends with her parents) Nope we got invited purely on our coolness!!!!! Anyway I have to tell you that tonight I realized that I'm old. Hanging out with a large group of 16 year olds can do a lot for your self conscious, don't get me wrong they were super sweet. But they are so tiny and  and sooo stinking cute. UGGHH! I Honestly don't think, if given the chance ,I would  even think about going back to 16, way to much DRAMA, and silliness. But tonight I realized that 16 was a loooong time ago.  I'm  not as young as I thought I was, but age is just a number right? Got the best years of my life ahead of me!!!

BIG favor!! You see that cute little button in my side bar?? The one with the mom juggling lots of stuff. Do you mind giving that a little click? (just a little one) It takes less then 30 seconds to give me a vote for top mommy blogs!!! Pretty please, Ill be your best friend!!! You can vote everyday ,and I will most definitely return the favor!!  THANK YOU!!!

I hope you guys have a Beautiful weekend, I look forward to catching back up!!!


  1. WELCOME Back!
    Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your vacation!

  2. I look forward to seeing your new blog design!!!!

  3. I'm jealous times two!! I've had some serious vacation dreaming lately, but I'll have to make do with hearing about yours. And you have a new blog design! I've been working hard on customizing mine, but with my limited knowledge, there's only so much I can do.

    Looking forward to vacation pics!

  4. Sounds so fun ;)
    P. S. I voted.

    I'm following from the hop.


  5. Welcome back! I find that it takes me like 2 weeks to get organized after a vacation. We missed you! The blog looks good, is this the new design? Love how colorful it is. I'm heading over to vote!

  6. LOVE the new blog! Gorgeous!
    Now I want to brighten mine up.

  7. the new blog looks so good! nice to have it back

  8. YAY- welcome back! Your blog looks ADORABLE and I got your cute little button:-)

  9. Welcome back! LOVE the new blog design!


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