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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey Guys!! 
I'm totally Lacking in the creative department today! So I'm just going to sit here an see what the heck my brain tells me to write!!!! READY, SET,GO

I'm sooooo glad that its almost Friday! The last 3 weeks have been really looooooong, I know I probably say  that all the time, but they just like they have been extra long! 

Work has been a mess! Our company has been bought out by a BIGGER company, and with that come major change, and with major change comes lots and lot of complaining. Reallllllllly people we cant make things better with complaining. We can definitely make it easier on ourselves if we just go with it and learn! AWWWWW I have such an issue with negativity!!!

Tonight we finally got to Celebrate Kai's birthday, a whole week and 1 day later!!! WHAT??  Landon has been sick, Kai's been sick, Kai's Mommy has been sick, We just couldn't get it together!! Today we finally did!!! We went to the park had a picnic ate cupcakes and played and played!! It was so nice to get out and do something different!  Guess who Made our cupcakes??? Jon did!!!  He was so sweet to make them for us! He did such a good job! I love that man!
Landon Loved to swing and his ball!
Kai did tooo!!!! WEEEEEEEE!!
Cupcake Time!! Kai is the master cake smasher!
Do I have anything on my face??
Have I told you lately how much I  enjoy being his mom??? In case I haven't I just wanted you  to know!! I LOVE this little guy!! He makes my world pretty perfect!!! Have a beautiful Friday friends!!! <3
This little guy was God's greatest gift to my life!

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  1. They are so much fun! Thanks for celebrating with us!! Kai loved his present and so did we:)

  2. Awwww, looks like it was a great celebration day...even if it was a bit late. Glad everyone is healthy now though! Mmmmm cupcakes are my weakness and what a good man you have for making them! That is rare & amazing! Happy (soon to be) Friday! xo

  3. Looks like a fun picnic party celebration! Love the little cupcake faces, heehee!

    Changes, especially big changes like you're going through, at work, are tough. Hang in there, you've got the right attitude ... now if everyone else would just follow your lead!

    Hugs, <3 ya!

  4. These are great pictures! I really like the one of him in the swing...wonderful expression and background! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The boys are so cute, and look so HAPPY playing at the park! What a fun Bday!
    Love that Jon made the cupcakes for you....SWEET!

    Happy Friday!

  6. how fun... and how sweet of Jon to make cupcakes. I love both of these little boys, they are so adorable.
    Change in the work place can be hard, but I agree with you... just smile and keep going, why complain about something you can't change.
    Love ya girl! :0)

  7. Precious boys! So glad you got to spend some time at the park with them! Good luck with the changes at work!

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