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Monday, April 4, 2011

Whats In a name!?

Tonight I was sitting in Landon's room rocking him to sleep. On his wall is his name, I started saying it over and over in my head! (yeah I'm silly like that) I love his name, to me it sounds like such a strong handsome name. That was the criteria, it had to be strong and handsome. I imagined him as  teenager, possibly playing baseball or football and having his name called over the loud speaker Landon Mitchell, I think that it just flows! We had a list of names when we started out ,it was 50 miles  long, we slowly dwindled it down to a hand full! Landon was one of the top names, along with Blake, Cole, Trent and a few more. It wasn't until we heard some one else say his name that we decided that Landon was it!!! It was crazy how it happened we both looked up and immediately knew that was it! Our son's was going to be name Landon Cole!!!!

So as I was rocking Landon tonight( Hes a sick little guy) I realized I had forgotten what Landon meant!

Landon~ Origin :English~ Meaning: Long Hill    Hummmm......... Not really noble, or prestigious, but that doesn't matter he will make it his own!!!

Landon's first ride with Bob!
 Just For Fun~~~~~~~

Heather~ Origin: Scottish~ Meaning : A shrub (really?) a shrub with small purplish flowers!!! At least  its a pretty flower!!

Jon or Jonathan~ Origin: Hebrew ~ Meaning: God Gives    Now that's a strong name!!!!

So guys do you know what your name means?  Why did you choose the names you choose for your children?

Happy Monday! <3


  1. LOL........a shrub! But a pretty shrub!
    I think Landon is a Great name!

    Amy means BELOVED. I Like that :)
    Gavin means WHITE FALCON.

  2. GREAT POST!! Sweet pretty shrub :0)
    I love names and finding the meanings behind them. I wanted a strong name for Oliver, and we went through several names. Funny, a 7 year old came up with Oliver, we heard it and LOVED it.
    Renae- French origin meaning rebirth
    Oliver Joel Alexander {I know, my son has 2 middle names)- (Oliver) Latin origin meaning olive tree branch; symbolizing peace (Joel) Hebrew origin meaning the Lord is God (Alexander) Greek origin meaning man's defender.


  3. Aryonna means the Holy One and Anaiya means looking up to God. I had a long list of names for the girls too! Funny how I couldn't imagine them having any other names. I had no idea that Heather is a shrub! (LOL)

  4. Oh I love this post! I don't know what our names mean, I mean, I did at one time, but have forgotten. I think I might copy this idea and blog it too. (You should make this a blog meme!!)

    Okay, I'm off to find out what our names mean!

    Hugs to you and your little guy, hope Landon is all better come morning!

  5. I love the name Landon, and I would agree that it's a strong and handsome name. Good choice mama!
    (side note: Landon is the name of the main male character in A Walk to Remember and I LOVE that story and that character!!)

    My name, Megan, means mighty one. yay for woman power and all that, but mighty isn't exactly a feminine quality in my mind.

  6. I could not picture your wild little man being anything but Landon Cole… Although MOLLY will always be dear to my heart:)

    Malachi means Messenger of God. I was nervous about naming a boy Malachi because it is so different I worried if he would be able to pull it off… but Malachi just fits him…
    Creed, his middle name means belief, guiding principle.

    means- christ-bearer.

  7. We had a similar experience with our son. We originally planned to name him Joshua Sawyer, but after much debate, we realized that it didn't really give off the message that we wanted. We were at the mall one Sunday afternoon and heard the name Noah at least a dozen times. And we knew that's what we wanted to name our little boy. So we went with Joshua [which means "Jesus Saves"] Noah [which means Rest & Peace]. Both of them are of Hebrew Origin, and we are thrilled that he has such a strong spiritual name.

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  9. We just knew when we were going through a name book that we had stumbled onto our daughter's. For our son, the name we chose was the only one on both of our top five lists. New to your blog.

  10. I have no idea what my name means!!! haha

    bahahaha you're a purple shrub! =) mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. I love the name Landon! Poor Mia, I posted on facebook that we needed a name and a girl I didn't even like in high school came up with it. hahaha.


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