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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Landon

 Dear Landon,

The day you were born you put a whole new prescriptive on time, Minutes, Hours, weeks and months fly by faster then I could ever imagine! So many times I have wanted to hit pause or rewind just so I can relive moments! Do you mind slowing down a bit ,letting your dad and I catch our breath!

Sweet Boy, Today you turn 18 months old.  You Dad and I just look at you in amazement in how much you have changed in the last few weeks. You vocabulary has exploded, and you are sooo observant. Your dad and I have realized that we have to watch what we are doing, because your little eyes don't miss a thing!! Its exciting to see your personality is forming. Your love people so much, You have started hugging and kissing everyone who's is important to you! My Favorite thing that you are doing right is the way you wake me up in the Morin! You tap me and say mamma, mamma and give me a huge sloppy kiss! There in no other way Id rather wake up , our mornings are priceless!

 You poor thing, just like your daddy, you have awful allergies, You sneeze and cough and your poor nose is always stopped up or runny. Its sooo hard to keep you face clean, You HATE having it wiped. This weekend you discovered your nose and that you can pick it!!! OHHHH NO. You tried being sneaky with me and have given me your surprises!  OOOOOH No Your momma doesn't do well with boogies!!! Your sooo silly and thoughtful!!!

You have became quite the dancer, you LOVE to shake your booty! Its became our nightly ritual. We dance to the Fresh Beat Band (neither your Dad or I are a fan) the Mickey Mouse Club House or we dance to the radio!!! Sooo Much Fun!  Landon you are such a sweet Fun and loving little guy, Your changing so fast its amazing, it only seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms, dreaming of how you were going to be. I love watching you transform into a little man! Our Summer adventures have only just begun!!! I Love you sooo much! <3

Love always and forever,


  1. Awwww. I can't believe he's already 18 months old. And he sounds like he's learning and growing and accomplishing so much.

    Also, if you'd like to send him over to wake me up in the mornings too, that would be great :)

  2. Your letters to Landon are so sweet, he just sounds like such a little love. He's adorable! Isnt' it crazy how fast the time goes now, and how quickly they change and learn and grow and become little boys ... these letters are such wonderfully precious ways to preserve the memories.


  3. What a beautiful tradition. I am sure he is/always will be honored to be your son.

  4. i love this picture! So handsome!


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