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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I-D-I-O-S-Y-N-C-R-A-S-Y     Idiosyncrasy! I feel so smart spelling that! Truth is I had to look at Shayln's blog like 10 times to make sure I got it right!!! Whoa its a big word!!!

 Definition please!!!

Idiosyncrasy-from Ancient Greek ἰδιοσυγκρασία, idiosynkrasía, "a peculiar temperament", "habit of body" is defined as an individualizing quality or characteristic of a person or group, and is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity.

In other words its a fancy word for weird!!! So today I'm linking up with sweet Shayln @ Laugh Until your cheeks hurt! to let you in on my world of weird!!!

1. Touching a cotton ball makes me tense up , I cant stand the way it feels!!! Want to freak me out, just come at me with a cotton ball!!! 

2. I read magazines from back to front!!! HEHE! well really I just look at the pictures see what interests me and go back and read it later!

3. I hate having long finger nails, I'm not really sure why, but I do! 

4. I CAN NOT drive slow, my brain just wont let me, there is something about being in a car, that makes me think that  I have to be there 5 mins ago!! I don't have time for the speed limit!!!

5. I drive with one leg propped up in my seat!! Its became a habit!! 

6. My shocks NEVER match what I'm wearing and I'm lucky if I have 2 of a kind on!! 

7. I don't like melon of any kind, Blah!! Ive been told I'm not a true southerner because of it!! I just cant eat it!!!

8. I LOOOOOVEEEEEE The Real House Wives!!!! Orange, New york, Atlanta, New Jersey!! Hehe!!! I get my drama fix!!!

9. I have a thousand empty picture frames with no pictures in them!!!! I have intentions on putting sweet baby pictures in them!

10. I LOVE to drink Milk out of a Frosty mug!!! hehe!!

11.  I cant whistle or snap my fingers!! Sad I know!!!!

 Well I hope you still want be my friend after reading  all of that! It was fun, you should link up too! She's keeping this party open for the next week!!  I'm sooo excited for the weekend!!! YAY!!!!!!


  1. I love your 'weirds'. Really, I thought I was the only one that read magazines from back to front... I just can't help myself. most of the good stuff is in the back :0)

    BIG hugs to you sweet friend :0)

  2. Great oddities! Your cotton ball made me laugh--definitely weird, but likable. I also have sock issues, mostly due to my laundry inadequacies. :)

  3. Your weirds are fun! The cotton ball freak-out .. that's an interesting one. Guess what? I use a cotton ball every single night to wash off my makeup and then tone. I rub a cotton ball all over my face ... oooooooooooooooh! Creepy! BOO! Hope you can sleep tonight knowing that :)

  4. I don't like long fingernails either! It seems like when I'm pregnant I'm cutting them every other day.

  5. Found you from the link up. Love these :) It's fun to read about other people's weird things

  6. Yours are SO GOOD- thanks so much for linking up! I was so afraid no one would and that everyone would be thinking I was one huge weirdo-ha! I am with you on the nails one and now that I think about it- everytime I am in a non-manual car my foot is up!

  7. HAHA love it!! My nails aren't long or short, a good length :) I drive a little too fast too and keep one leg up! I read magazines front to back, well I look at pictures then go back and read! LOL We are very similar <3 Love u girl! <3

  8. Great list.......very fun! I drive like I'm 5 minutes late too, always too fast~
    You are too CUTE! I'll think about linking up. If I can think of anything to write.

  9. Yep! U r weird and I love your little weird self!

  10. Haha love the list!! I love the weekend too! Where did it go!?!? :)

  11. ooooh i love this:) i love me some real housewives too...wanted to punch Gretchen last night....barf-a-roni head.....i like mismatched socks...makes a nice statement! I used to be a fast driver (sometimes still am) but as i get older, i've been slowing down...hahah

  12. I read magazines from back to front a lot of times too and I definitely can't whistle! Although I do looooove watermelon~ Just checkin' in. have a great week!


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