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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hair Affair!!

 I Have NEVER been happy with My hair! Growing up I had LOOOOONG naturally curly, uncontrollable frizzy hair!! Yikes!!! I had no Idea how to manage it, before I knew hair products existed. I was helpless in the hair department!!!

Long and curly!
Then along came Hair Gel (wooooohoooo) Then my Hair had a new meaning, long sleek wet looking curls the wetter it looked the better! Yeah Right!!  I did always get complements on it but, I wanted beautiful long straight hair, and I wanted it to be blond!!! In the 8th grade I got my wish, My mom let me highlight my hair! I remember how excited I was, I was finally going to be a blond. OMG my hair dresser had NO idea what she was doing!!! I was like.... white bleach blond, no highlights, I was blond, and I looked horrible. I was sooo embarrassed to go to school. Thank Goodness there were only 2 days of  left, till summer vacation!

The older I got the braver I got with my hair. I was always looking for a change. I wasn't in a committed relationship with my hair!  The next few major hair happenings, were in college. Once I went red! NOOOOO red is NOT a good color for me, It was awful  and made me looks washed out and sick. OOOOOHHH what a relief when it grew out. Next I let a dear sweet friend talk me into coloring my hair. whelp the color was suppose to be dark drown....... yeah it ended up black, jet black. Again it was AWFUL. I cried and cried!!

Since then I have had several hair changes, length color, you name it Ive tried it! I have mentioned before that my sister just recently started doing hair. I'm crazy excited, Ive always wanted a my own personal stylist and now I finally have one!!!! So This week, I let my sister talk me into another crazy hair Idea! My hair is now a very dark brown with blue peek a boos!! I cant tell you how nervous I was, But she did an AWESOME Job, Although the color is almost black, it looks great!!!  ( Ill share a picture as soon as I get a suitable one to share!! ( I'm super picky) I think this may be my favorite cut and color EVER!!!

Anyway change is always good! Makes life less boring!! So have you had any hair flops or regrets??! I hope you all have an amazing memorial day weekend!


    Since I'm a natural red head.. I haven't don't much to my hair as far as color. I highlighted it once (well twice). The first time I HATED it, the second time was so much better. I've had it super long to a short bob, curly to straight... but right now I want it short... super short, and I'm scared. One day I hope to build up the courage to do it.

    I Love you sweet friend

  2. Once I let my roommates dye my hair. It turned out jet black with a big brown clump in back. With my very white skin, I looked like a not so cute Snow White! I've always wanted to try red, but I'm afraid of the same thing happening to me!

    I'm jealous of your sister stylist--how convenient!

  3. Can't wait to see your hair. We girl's with culry hair all go through the same struggles...you will never see me with my natural curly hair..except in on vacation in Aruba where the humidity was impossible to control...will post pictures of that soon...and the world will see...:)

  4. oh gosh this sounds just like me! my hair has been every color and every length. My favorite on me is red but it doesnt ever last and fades to a gross brassy color!
    your new hair sounds hawt girl, post a picture soon!

  5. Okay I am super curious about the "blue peek a boo"! Picture picture!!

    I love your hair in all the pics I've seen, long and curly = awesome!

    Lucky you for having your own stylist now, soooooo lucky!

  6. Aw, I am so excited for you! I am the exact same way with my hair- always changing it and NEVER liking it so I am so excited to see yours. I bet it looks awesome! And it gives me hope that one day I may like mine, ha!

  7. Looks beautiful!...and as u can see I still can not comment. I can see GFC now but doubt that will last long. Good thing it's sunny so I can finally be outdoors. Hope it's a good day for you.
    : )
    Adventures at Greenacre

  8. Your hair is beautiful.. I can not wait to see the dark with the blue, I bet it looks amazing!!

  9. Yes! I'm excited to see the end result! It sounds awesome! :)
    I've always been hair bi-polar as I call it, hehe. One of the biggest things I ever did to my hair was after I got married (i had hair down to my mid back) I went and got a faux hawk, kept it blonde though. Kind of like the singer P!ink (she's my fav) I just needed to get rid of my crud on my head and that seemed to be the best idea, well everyone loved it and it made life easy hahah. I miss it kind of now and since had changed my color to dark brown and am now growing it out.

  10. Can't wait to see the new look! :) I'm sure it's awesome.

    My neighbor is a hair stylist and I love it - she is always up for sme late ladies nights of cuts, colors and highlights. FUN!


  11. i just recently got a hair cut i dislike... still have yet to find a way i enjoy it.

  12. Your hair is beautiful! Girl I told you I know folks that get weaves and pray that they can look as good as your hair. I am sure what ever your sis did, it looks great!

  13. I think your curly hair is so pretty!! Now HURRY UP and show us a new picture!!

  14. Well, I have seen your new hair and it looks fabulous!!

  15. Ok you can't post about a killer new do like that and not show a pic!? I want to see! Sounds amazing!


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