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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ready For Random??

Sooo I haven't written a random post in a while so here ya go!!!

Monday I left work early, because I felt so awful. I really think I was  exhausted, I slept from 1-5 and went to bed early! I manged an early bed time Thursday night as well, which was a good thing since blogger went all crazy on us!I should be all caught up on sleep!! NAAH!!!

Mothers day was great, I love that their is a holiday just for me, It made me feel special!! I asked my husband to get me Crest white strips for my gift! I have been using them for a week now, I really think they are working, or it may be in my head!!! Have any of you ever used them?? how did they work?

Landon's eczema is under control Thank goodness, some of it is drying up. I have actually had complete strangers ask me whats on/wrong with his legs, It kinda hurts your feeling a little bit, I feel bad enough it is!!!!

We are teething , not sure which ones but  he has a mouth full!!!
That little stinker is refusing most foods these days. I cant get a veggie in him to save my life. The only thing he will eat consistently is cheese!!!!! I'm not sure what I should do?? Any advice?

I am in home makeover mode!! Jon is probably going to kill me, but I want to repaint the kitchen and our bed room. Its just finding the time to do it! We are just so busy during the summer!! I want to paint My kitchen Yellow and I'm clueless about the bedroom!!! I just want my house to be light an airy!!!

I'm sooo happy and proud to announce that we have paid off 2 Major bills within the last few months, which puts me a few steps closer to My stay at home mom dream!!! WOoooHHOOO!!!!!!

Work is getting a tiny winney bit better, Im sure things will be shaken up soon, we get thrown new things daily! Grin an bare it Heather!!!

I'm soooo addicted to Pinterest, I think its going t cause me to spend a ton of money!!! Sooo much inspiration!

This weekend has been pretty great!!!

Family Beach vacation in 21 more days!!!
I cant wait!!!


  1. I have been avoiding Pinerest cause I cannot get addicted to one more thing!! :) yay for paying off bills! And my kids won't eat veggies either. :( xo

  2. Awwwwwwwww I LOVE Pinterest too! I could spend hours on there looking and pinning.
    Awesome on paying off 2 major bills......WOOOOHOOO!

  3. Great update! And congrats for getting bills paid off! That's a great accomplishment!!

    Oooh, I'm wanting to re paint our bedroom too, but like you, hard to find time!

  4. Girl, you have a gorgeous smile- I can't imagine you would need Whitestrips! That being said, tons of my patients have used them and they work great- just be careful leaving them on too long because they cause some major sensitivity!

  5. Sounds like a lot going on! Lucky you heading to the beach! I'm still trying to find time to plan a vacation! LOL

    Have a great day!!



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