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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breaking news, WOOHOO Its me!!!!

I'm finally feeling like myself again! WOOOOHOOO I'm soooo glad and I know my sweet family is!

I cant tell you how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband, Unfortunately I have been blessed with hormonal migraines! YAY me!!! I average about 1 a week, I absolutely HATE them, they put me out completely, they ruin days, they and leave me feeling helpless. Fortunately I have Jon, who takes over and picks up EVERYTHING!  Ive gained 5 pounds which I was surprised to hear, because I have done nothing but eat since the day I found out I'm pregnant!  I'm now 17 weeks, and have a decent sized baby bump! We are so excited to find out the sex of the baby next Tuesday, I cant wait to give the baby and name. I have had several people tell me that they think its a girl. So I have started referring to it as a girl, either way I wont be disappointed!

Its all so surreal that I'm actually pregnant again! This time just feels so different! I'm sooo excited and so nervous at the same time! I cant believe that I'm starting all over, more first and lots and lots of memories to make!

We have been talking about the new baby a lot  with Landon, of course he doesn't understand  yet but If you ask him were Mommy's baby is he will lift up my shirt and say baby awww.... baby and point to my bump, then he lifts his up and points to his tummy and says baby!!! LOL its soooo cute!!! He growing like a weed and amazing me everyday!!! He has started going to half day preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays! He loves it! One of my favorite things is opening up his book bag when I get home to see his sweet art work that he did for the day!! I'm def one of those moms that wants to keep everything! I tend to put sentimental value on everything! SOOO Ill have a refrigerator covered with fancy priceless art work!! 

Sooo I leave you with that for the day!! I have lots more to share!!! I think I'm back and I'm sooo excited!!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm so excited you're back, my friend! And I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I'll say some prayers that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly :)

    Your new blog design is great! Very sleek. I like it!

  2. Happy to see you here! Glad to read you're feeling better, except for the headaches. Ugh, I had those too! Hope they don't last the duration of your pregnancy. Wow, 17 weeks already ... can't wait for you to report back next week with baby gender!!!


  3. OH YAY.....so happy to have you back blogging! Sorry about the pregnancy migraines. That really really sucks bigtime and I pray they'll go away!
    WOW...Landon is looking really grown up and matured. First thing I thought when I saw your new header.
    Love the new blog look....all Fall looking and beautiful! Great Job!
    OH BOY....can't wait to hear about the sex of your baby! How Exciting!!!
    Love to have you back Sweetheart! Missed you!<3

  4. I have missed you!! So happy to hear you are back. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

  5. Great to "see" you around here! Sorry you've been having those horrible headaches...I get them, too, so I know how awful they are!
    Hope you feel better! 17 weeks...woohoo, can't wait to read about the gender! xxx

  6. I'm so happy to see you're back!! I'm sorry to hear about your headaches! I hope they go away and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl! :)

  7. I am hoping for a healthy baby girl! Ya'll need some drama around your house!

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