Living life as a fabulous mom, Wonderful wife, and most of the time dedicated employee.Leaves little time to worry about grammar, and spelling!!! I'm Pretty awful at it, sorry ahead of time. I'm just saying!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My I Have Your Attention Please!!!!

 I proudly Introduce the NEW and IMPROVED  Some Kind Of Wonderful!!!! (enter applause here)

I cant tell you how excited I was when I found out I had one a Blog makeover, from the SUPER AWESOME always WONDERFUL blog community called For The Love Of Blogs.  I NEVER win anything, I couldn't believe I had won!!! WOOHOOO!! If You haven't visited FTLOB you must. Its such a cool place to find awesome blogs, and meet new people! They offer blog tips, hops, Twitter and etsy parties, I could go on forever.  I promise, you will not be disappointed. Go join up, these girls are great!! Thank You soooooooo much Vic, Ashley and Lindsay!! You Ladies ROCK!!!!!!! THANK YOU A MILLION!!!

Now the master mind behind my Fun and colorful new look, is none other the the BEAUTIFUL Carla from Masto Mama Designs . This Lady is such an inspiration. She is a brilliant blog designer as well as a wonderful mother 2 adorable children. Carla is strong in her faith and works hard for her family. Her and her children suffer from life altering and sometimes life threatening diseases. To get a better understanding please visit her here @ Masto Mama Chronicles. She is truly an amazing women!! If you need a new look or just a little something, Carla is your women!!! Thank you soooo much Carla!!

If you don't mind, will you please throw a vote my way for, top mommy blogs. Its that cute little button in my right side bar. It Dosent take long, I promise and ill return the favor!!!!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!!!!

Please Pardon My Mess and Randomness!

I'm Baaaack!!!!! Did you guys miss me??? I sure missed yall!! I cant believe I haven't posted since Monday, WHOA!! I feel soo out of the loop!!! I have sooo much reading and posting to catch up on!!! New followers please forgive me, I'm coming to visit you , I promise!!!

 Please pardon my mess!!!! I won a blog makeover from the wonderful FTLOB by the awesome Masto Mama, she is in the process of changing over the design, and unfortunately she has had some difficulties with the html, so now we just wait for blogger to fix it! Hurry blog people I'm excited!!!

Vacation was a blast, we had sooo much fun , lots of little adventures and relaxation!!! I cant wait to show you guys pictures and tell you all about it!!! So bare with me as I get myself organized!!

 So, tonight Jon and I were invited to a birthday party. A sweet 16 birthday party, so the fact that  were invited made me feel uber cool!( I wont mention that we are good friends with her parents) Nope we got invited purely on our coolness!!!!! Anyway I have to tell you that tonight I realized that I'm old. Hanging out with a large group of 16 year olds can do a lot for your self conscious, don't get me wrong they were super sweet. But they are so tiny and  and sooo stinking cute. UGGHH! I Honestly don't think, if given the chance ,I would  even think about going back to 16, way to much DRAMA, and silliness. But tonight I realized that 16 was a loooong time ago.  I'm  not as young as I thought I was, but age is just a number right? Got the best years of my life ahead of me!!!

BIG favor!! You see that cute little button in my side bar?? The one with the mom juggling lots of stuff. Do you mind giving that a little click? (just a little one) It takes less then 30 seconds to give me a vote for top mommy blogs!!! Pretty please, Ill be your best friend!!! You can vote everyday ,and I will most definitely return the favor!!  THANK YOU!!!

I hope you guys have a Beautiful weekend, I look forward to catching back up!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vacation! Part 2

Hey Friends!!

Happy Monday!!! I have lost track of time and days, its been so nice not having to worry about rushing around to get Landon and myself ready in the morning. Not having to worry about a time schedule and ENJOYING every second with Jon and Landon and our sweet friends!!

My loves!!
 Poor Kai has been a pretty sick guy, he had us all worried Saturday night. He was wheezing  and seemed to be have difficulty breathing he has been a sick, sick little guy!!  Christina and Anthony had the panic and worry of being in a strange place and relying on Dr's. that didn't know Kai, of course they took great care of him. The sweet little guy, has an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis. 3 prescriptions later, he is finally on  the road to recovery!!! YAY!!

Kai!!! All smiles and feeling better!
 Saturday was Christina's 30th birthday!! Although the day didn't go quite has planned  for her, with Kai being sick, she still made the best of it! We went to the Worlds most Bizarre Bizarre, this place was huge, full of every piece of nic nak crap you can think of. Have you ever  had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing facial?  I have... not only did it taste good, but left me with a beautiful  glow!!! HA-Ha!!!! I started the stinking cake fight and I ended up losing it! I have never been in a food fight, but it was so much fun! Happy Birthday Christina!

The Worlds Most Bizarre, Bizarre! See  me?

Our Master Piece, Complete with Fruit Loops!!! Happy Birthday!!!
 Last night some how Christina and I talked our husbands in to letting us give them facials. You read that right, we gave them a mud mask facials, what good sports, and stupid me, I have no proof of these masks, I didn't take pictures!!!!

Its been a really fun and relaxing week so far. I cant tell you how nice it been spending so much time with Jon and Landon. I really wish I could do it every day!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Things I've Learned on the First Day of Vacation...

1. Packing light really is a matter of opinion.
2. 4 adults and 2 babies require more room than 3 row seating crossover.
3. You can keep to a time schedule WITH two babies!
4. Eating breakfast for under $3.00 can be done... 2- 20oz. drinks and a 12inch. flat bread sandwich from Subway = yum!
5. A 2 hour ride can fly by when you're having fun!
6. When choosing a random gas station... choose one CLOSEST to the exit ramp.

7. When someone speaks to you in the random gas station far away from the exit ramp... no matter what they say... the proper response is "What's up?"
8. If you choose not to respond (which I chose to do)... they may ask you if you speak English AND assume you are a prostitute... (which happened to me today)
9. When the gas station attendant has to tell the people "Leave her alone, she's not from here" you have picked the WRONG gas station.  Another sign would be the police officer who had a car pulled over giving us strange looks and fearing for my life but still taking pictures so I could blog about it later!

10. When stopping at a scary gas station your bladder can not fully relax causing you to have to stop AGAIN at a safer location!
11. Babies don't do so well in fancy lobbies after a 4 hour car ride.
12. Warm weather + babies + husbands + slides = lots of laughs... and pictures!

13.  It is easy to feel Walmart envy when you see lots of yummy things your walmart does not carry... like fancy rice made of bamboo and couscous. 
14.  Slow melt Popsicles make for happy babies!
15.  When changing a poop diaper while the child is in standing position... keep other infants far away.  If not, it could result in the other infant crawling towards a poop bottom and the mom grabbing poop butt baby and wiping the poop butt on her jeans.  Large poop stain on jeans is not cute.  BUT, you know you are a real mom when you don't even flinch about the large brown stain gracing your cute jeans and pretend like all is well!
16.  Indoor pools are the new bath tub.

So much fun and it is only day one of vacation!  Work... what is that?!  Tomorrow is my bff's 30th... I am off to bake a cake and get ready for some fun and celebration!  I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011



As Of 4:55 pm today, I am on VACATION!!!!  10 lovely, relaxing, who cares if its freezing cold, or raining or snowing days!!! 10 days with my 2 boys and some pretty great friends!!! Can you tell I'm excited???

 OHHHH I'm so ready. Its been the loooooongest crappiest week ever! But its over and now I can breath a HUGE sigh,and not think about that place I work, starting NOW!!!!!

 Jon and I didn't starting packing until tonight, HE-HE nothing like waiting till the last minute right?? I'm a professional procrastinator!! If procrastination was a job, I would be the CEO and making 10 figures!! LOL!!

So off to williamsburg we go in the AM. I hope you all have a wonderful Lovely Friday!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Heart Melted!

Today has been an emotional day for me. It seemed to be the domino effect kind of day. Were one thing falls, and then the next and then the next, till at the very end, its almost impossible to get back up!

No worries I'm fine. Its mainly my job, things are changing and I use to be soo good with change, but I'm finding it harder and harder to adapt . Maybe it's cause I'm getting older, or maybe its because I now have a voice with opinions, but I have to remain silenced because I really need this job. I have learned today that I have to change, or Ill be looking at a dead end road with no job.

Tonight I was sitting on the floor playing with Landon, he brought me a book,  he got a little excited when I was reading to him. He jerked the book from my hands and slung it back, hitting me in the eye. It HURT!!!! It was the kind of hurt were you really want to cry, but think you'll be silly if you do. Well folks, I cried, and I couldn't stop. The whole day came crashing down on me in that moment. Landon just looked at me, crawled in my lap and hugged me tight, he put his little head on my shoulder and on my chest and just let me hold him. He was so still and quite. My heart melted! He knew I needed the comfort. I can not put into words how that moment made me feel,  I never want to forget it EVER! Thank you sweet Landon!

Please look past the sweet little sick nose!

 BIG thank you to sweet Katie@ Love is everywhere! For the honor of being one of the first blogs of the week!!! Thank you Katie you helped make this day not as awful!! -----> Look at the cute little button in my sidebar!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear ,Valentine!


I love you, I love everything about you. I love the Husband you are and the Father you have became. I love your kindness and loyalty, I love your compassion for everyone. I love your Passion for God. I love you for who you are and who you will become.

I'm so thankful That I was chosen to be your forever. That God had me in mind when he made you. That he entrusted me to hold and protect your heart! I am forever thankful.

So many years have gone by. Our love has endured  many laughs and heart aches.  You have held me up and kept me from falling when all I wanted was  fall. You wont let me give up  your grip is to Strong! You continue to make me feel beautiful, and important. Your strength amazes me, and  your ability to keep going no matter how tough . Smiles and tears have only made us stronger and only made our love unbreakable.

Thank you Jon for being the man I need you to be! I love you so much and I thank God for you every day of my life.

 Love always and Forever <3

  Today Im linking up my love letter to For The Love Of Blogs Love Letters! Go visit join and link up! Its fun to read the Love that others share!

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 New International Version

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sickness has reared its ugly head in the Mitchell house AGAIN!!!! We are well one week, and the next we are battling ear infections or stomach viruses!!! YUCKKKK!!

This time it has hit all 3 of us at once, Daddy, Mommy and baby!!! I tell you this leads to some pretty restless nights. A baby coughing his head off, and a daddy snoring like some kind of wild beast man!! Yikes!!! Last night was a LOOOONG to say the least!!!

I took Landon to the Dr. Yesterday, poor guy couldn't get a break from coughing.I felt so bad for him, It was relentless.They tested him for RSV, THANK GOODNESS it was negative WOOHOO!!! She did say it was a cousin of RSV??? and that it would just have to run it course. Poor guy cough, cough cough, and their seems to be nothing I can do. :(

Daddy seems to have a sinus infection lots of sinus pressure and headaches, and Mom, she just has a good ole cold. BLAH!!!!

Thank goodness  it  all hit us this week. We are leaving for vacation next Friday! We are taking a trip with our friends to Williamsburg VA, Ive never been there. We are  SUPER excited! A nice get away from the normal of everyday!!! Have you guys ever been? Any suggestion on must see's and fun things to??

Have a restful, relaxing Sunday!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Last weekend,I shocked myself. One of my great blog friends Lynzi @Lil Mrs. Housewife, posted a recipe for peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter marshmallow frosting. It made my mouth water just thinking of them. I knew I needed to try this yuminess!!! I have NEVER made anything from scratch, so I was a little worried, But Guess what!?? I did it and they were YUM-O. I'm thinking I may need to open up my own cupcake shop!! LOL!!! (The link above goes right to Lynzi yummy recipe!)

Of course  Landon had to try some of the cupcake yuminess (No worries he doesn't have peanut allergies) He loved it, well he really loved the icing!!

Nothing goes better with peanut butter, then a big ole glass of milk. Landon being the independent Lil man that he is, was determined to drink his milk out of a big boy cup. Which lead to his very first Milk mustache.

This little guy brings me more Joy then I could have ever imagined. I love to laugh and smile with him. I love to watch the joy in his eyes as he explores life and new things.

I hope that you all have a wonderful fun filled weekend!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's On Your Mind Wednesday! Lets Go Heels!!!

Sweet, Sweet Wednesday!!! How I love Wednesday, You can see  the weekend on the horizon, Its all down hill from here!!

So Guess what I'm doing today!!?? Yep Hanging out with Tanya @A Taste of T. She cracks me up!!She so AWESOME!

For some reason I'm having trouble posting buttons,  I should have her cute whats on your mind button, I don't  know what the heck I'm doing wrong!!! BOOOOO!!!!!!

So you Wanna Know........?

  • Its sooo windy today.
  • It would be fun to fly a Kite.
  • Its waaaaay to cold to fly a kite!
  • Its suppose to snow tonight.
  • We have had more snow this winter then EVER
  • My hand is itching, my palm to be exact.
  • doesn't that mean I'm going to get some money!!!??
  • I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad!!!
  • Its been a long day!
  • I miss Landon so bad when I'm at work!
  • I wonder if he misses me?
  • Of course he does RIGHT!!??
  • Carolina and Duke play tonight!!
  • LETS GO TAR HEELS!!!!!!! (today's font color is in honor of the boys in baby blue!!)
  • Ive Got baby fever.
  • I might have said that before! But Its BAD!!
  • I want a GIANT salad with everything yummy on it!
  • I want it now!!!!
  • I always have food on my mind!
  • If I ate as much as I think about food, you would have to  haul me around on a flat bed truck!
  • I'm starting Zumba again tonight!
  • Its been over a month since I have been there.
  • I'm so nervous, ill look silly cause Ive missed so much!
  • Oh well!!! I like silly!

5 Hours later this is whats on my mind!!

  • Zumba handed me my butt on a plate, I'm soo worn out!!!
  • Tar heels are playing right now!!! WOOOOHOOOO
So thats all cause I'm pretty much consumed with this basketball game!!! Holla if your a Tar-Heel!!!

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    So Why Do You Blog ? And Some Blog LOVE!!!

    What made you start Blogging??

    I was a blog stalker for a loooong time, I would  go and visit all these neat blogs that shared so much love, laughter, and even their struggles and heart ache. I loved that people seemed real, and were able to share there lives  with a community of people who seemed to truly care.

    I started blogging to share my life as a mother. To share what I love the most in the world, with other people who have common interests, and don't  mind looking at endless pictures of a SUPER cute baby boy. Its away of documenting my life and getting validation from other amazing bloggers.

    Look at that tiny little milk mustache!!

    I was so scared and so reluctant at first, I started off with 4 followers then 9 and then..... It seemed to take off, today I have 205 REALLY!!! Its so awesome! I have been embraced and excepted! Thank you! I get so much inspiration, tips on mommy hood, great food, Ideas, motivation to loose weight, motivation to be a better christian, and motivation to be a better me. I have surely came a LONG way since October!!!

    This week I  have been  honored with 2 great Blogger awards. I am so excited!

    The first award was given to me by the sweet ever so beautiful Katie from Love is everywhere! I love Katie and her passion for life and love!! She is a amazing women! Thank you so much Katie for the 7 fact award!!! Your Awesome!

    Katie Gets all the photo credit for this!!

    There are *Rules* - but I'm going to break them.
    1. Link the person who awarded you!    Check!
    3. Pass this award along to 15 other bloggers! (see Below)
    I know I skipped #2, (it was 7 random facts about me) But you guys will eventually know everything their is about me! 

    My second award was form an awesome Mom blogger B. Lee @ Clean Sheets On Sundays! I LOVE this mom, she is absolutely beautiful  and her daughters are sooooo cute.  They seem to always have so much fun,  and her pictures are great!!! Thank you soooo very much!!

     OK Drum roll please ........... In no particular order!!!

    You ladies are all so wonderful!!!
    If you haven't go check them out!!

    I'm Loving this blogging world. I'm not quite sure what I did before it!!! So what inspired you to start blogging. Happy Tuesday!!!

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Dont be a Litter Bug!!

    when Jon and I bought our house we had the option to buy the lot that was next to it. We thought it was a great Idea. This way we can keep a house from being built right next to us, and Its wooded so it gives us tons of privacy. On the other side of us we were blessed with wonderful neighbors, so sweet and they pretty much keep to themselves. We really are luck to have great neighbors!

    Recently a neighborhood was built a few blocks down the road, were lets just say the people who live there don't take as much pride in their homes! Yesterday I came home and noticed that people had started to mistaken our extra lot for a landfill, It made me so mad. Some people have absolutely no respect for other peoples things!

    So today I armed myself with a bag and my camera , Hi Ho Hi Ho  its off to clean up crap I go!! I have a hard enough time cleaning up my own messes let alone a complete strangers!

    This is just crazy, this does not look like.......

    How do you get the 2 mixed up!? UGGGHHHH!!!!!

    Starbucks anyone, or maybe a yummy ICEE!!!
    (The Starbucks may taste a bit funny, seeing that its a Christmas cup design.)

    This stylish skull belt would look prefect with a cute pair of jeans!
    (REALLY?????? Why would you throw a belt out of your car window??)

    This my friends is a bag full of litter, a bag full of other peoples CRAP!!!

    Why is it so hard for some people to throw their trash  in their  trash can in their own home? Why do you have to use my yard as  your trash dump. YUCK, YUCK, UGGGGHHHHH!!!!  It just makes me so mad. We work soo hard to make our home ours, not a neighborhood landfill.

    OK I'm done rant over!!! Thank you for listening! 
    Happy Saturday! Remember don't be a litter bug!!!

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Fill In The Blank Friday!!!!

    Whats going on Friends!?! Happy Friday!! I hope that you are all enjoying your day! This week unlike the last few seemed to fly by. I'm so excited for the weekend, no big plans, but I intend to enjoy every second!!
    Ok so im SUPPPPPER excited, I only need 2 more followers to reach 200 WOOOHOOO!!
    Im totally going to do some sort of give away, I just need to figure out somthing super cool!!!
    Just 2 More!!
    Love you all lots!! <3
    Go ahead Join in its lots of fun!!!
    The little things we do
    1.   If I could only read one magazine publication for the rest of eternity, I would choose  I guess Cosmo, it has a little of everything!!  .

    2.  If I were to run my own magazine it would be Somthing SUPER girly, that empowers women and excepts  all shapes an sizes! Somthing postive and upbeat!!

    3.  I buy my magazines (at the grocery check stand or via subscription)       I have a few free subscription to Baby Talk and a few other parenting magazines. I do sometimes pick up OK or People at the grocery store!

    4.  I prefer my magazines (in print or online)   I def prefer print, its just not the same online. Its harder to curl up with your lap top!

    5.  The number of magazines I buy each month is    I would say one, right now its just so hard to find time to read.

    6. My favorite magazine genre is (lifestyle, gossip, home, etc...)       My favorites  right now are parenting magazine's, I get so much helpful information from them. I'm always trying to keep up with the celebrity gossip,so I try to sneak in an article or 2  of People magazine at work!!

    7.  The magazines I read regularly are      Baby Talk , American baby, Parents, at work I tend to watch for the Food Network and Southern Living and The Our State Magazine's!
    Happy Friday!!

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Wordish Wednesday!

    Taking advantage of a sorta spring day in the middle of winter!

     Just a swinging!

    Hey Mom!!!!

    Lets go for a walk!

    Ohhh what is this??

    OOOOHHH looks like so much fun!!!!!

    I wonder if.....  It tastes good??

      Heck NOOOOO!!!!!!

    Hey Hank, have you tried this stuff?
    (Hank is the neighborhood dog, we aren't sure who he belongs to)

    I'm Linking up with Supermom for the first time!
    For my fist Wordish Wednesday!
    (for some reason I couldn't get her super cute button to work)

    Thank Goodness that little ground hog didn't see his shadow today!! 
     I read that out of 125 years Punxsutawney Phil has only not seen his shadow 16 times!! WOOOHOO!!! Spring cant get here fast enough!

     BIG Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my post He has my heart forever!
    I really appreciate everyone's kind words and Ideas! Ill update you as soon as I put my plans to action!