Living life as a fabulous mom, Wonderful wife, and most of the time dedicated employee.Leaves little time to worry about grammar, and spelling!!! I'm Pretty awful at it, sorry ahead of time. I'm just saying!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Landon,


I can't tell you how excited it makes me, that God knew just want I needed when he created you . He knew what kind of personality you needed, and your mannerism. He knew just what would fit perfectly with your dad and I.  I love that h has already planned the path that we are going to travel with you, he knows the exciting times and the trials that will come our way! I'm so thankful for you!

 For a long time I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a mom. I was scared and I was selfish! I was scared that we wouldn’t be financially able to take care of a baby. I was selfish because I didn’t want to share your daddy with anyone else.I wanted it to be just your dad and I forever! Your dad on the other hand longed for a family, he loved children, he couldn't wait to have a family of his own. We talked about it often, but being scared to death I never let it go more then just  casual talk.

I will never forget November and December 2008. I was at work, I had been having some issues with my body that weren’t normal, things that had been going on for a little over 2 months. A co-worker suggested that I may be pregnant!!!??? WHAT NO WAY!!!?? I didn’t feel pregnant. just shrugged it off for a few more weeks. Then came more abnormalities. The same co- worker said Heather go take a test your pregnant. So I did, and I was. Oh My Gosh the emotions that went over me, the happiness and the fullness of my heart was unexplainable. I'm going to be a mom, Oh My Gosh I'm going to be a mom!!!  I was soooooo excited to tell your dad, I couldn’t wait to tell the whole world that I was going to be a mom!!! I wrapped the little pregnancy test  up in a box, and gave it to your dad when he got home form work! His face and his expressions were priceless. I had to explain to him what he was looking at. Jon your going to be a dad!!!! We are going to be parents!  (December 2nd 2008)

The next few days were probably the roughest days of my life. I started  having really painful cramps. I thought ,Ok this probably isn't normal.  I called the Dr. to set up my first OB apt and to make sure the cramping was normal. They assured me that I was going to be fine and my first apt would be Jan 15th. That seemed so far away. Because of my job  I was able to check my hcg level . The first test was great and I was right on track for how far along I thought I was. whooooooooo what a relief!!!! Landon I have never been so worried in my entire life. The next day the cramping had gotten worse and bleeding had started. I refused , absolutely refused to believe that any thing was wrong, there was NO away I was having a miscarriage. Again because I could, I drew my blood . Ill  never forget the look my on co-workers face when she told me that my hcg had dropped. My heart stopped and I ached all over. Telling your dad that we were losing the baby was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I tried my best to remain positive to keep a happy face. I talked myself into believing that it really wasn't happening, I needed everyone to be ok with it so I could believe  that it was ok myself.

The pain of losing the baby ate away at me little by little, It wasn't until about a week later that it really hit me, I had lost a baby.How in the world could I love  something sooo much and only  knew that it existed for a few days.   What could I have done differently,how could I have avoided this, will I ever have the chance to be pregnant again? I questioned myself to death. I was scared, I was sad. I soon learned that having a miscarriage was not at all uncommon. That some of my friends had already experienced this, I learned that I was not alone. Landon we had so many people praying for us, and reaching out to us. After a few weeks I finally came to peace that God had other plans for that baby, and he had other plans for your dad and I. He was preparing our hearts for what was next. I love you my sweet baby boy!

I love you Infinity!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!!!! Part 2

21. All things Nautical!!
22. All 4 of the Seasons
23. Love!!!!!
24. Day Light Savings Time!!
25. Singing!
26. Days of our lives!                             
27. The smell of Honey suckles!!      
28. Bed Time!
29. The Beach!!
30. Warm Blankets!!
31. Hot Baths!
32. A golden Tan!
33. Family Vacation!
34. Home Cooked dinners by my mom!
35.When Landon holds my hand!!!!!!
36. Being a Mom!!
37. Losing a Pound!!
38. When a head aches ease off!!!
39.Getting may hair done!
40. Being Home!!!!

To Be Continued!............................. Next letter to Landon Tomorrow!
Happy Wednesday!!! <3

Monday, March 28, 2011

Again!? Really?!

Here we go again!!!!!!!!!
awwwwwwwww it has become a vicious cycle!!! when one of us gets sick its inevitable that we will pass it to the other! Its never ending! I use to hardly ever get sick!! NEVER!!! I work in the health care field, so I have been exposed to everything (almost) So I kinda became Immune to many, many common illness for a long time!

That is until this tiny little human came along! prancing around with his cute little self, spreading his little snotty nose and germ covered hands all over ever square inch of our house! Climbing onto my lap to give me kisses or just to wipe his nose on my shoulder. Sneezing and coughing and not covering his mouth!!!(yes I know hes only 1 1/2) Now we stay sick!! Passing it back and forth like it this fun ping pong game!!! Its not Yuck!!

But you know.......... I proudly wear My snot covered clothes with thousands of tissues stuffed in my pockets!! Frazzled hair and big bags under my eyes. I have gladly given up 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep so he can rest comfortably! Why, because that means that I'm being a mom, and I'm doing the best Job I can do!! I LOVE this JOB I was made for it!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey We need a Favor!!


Hey guys! PLEASE go to Ashley Stone Photography, LIKE her Facebook page and comment on Landon and Kai's pictures! We would love to win a photo session! 

Here are the rules: you must get all of your friends to "LIKE" Ashley Stone Photography's facebook page, and then leave a comment under YOUR child s picture once a day! Whoever has the most comments by 10 pm April 6 will WIN !!!!!!!

Click on the picture and it will take you to Ashley's Facebook page!  Look in the Easter mini's to find Landon an Kai!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday!!!!

 Link up with Lauren!!! @ The Little Things We Do!!
 1.   My most prized possession is      My engagement ring! Its the only thing I can think of that I panic when it gets lost, or I drop it. I start to sweat and my heart races!! Jon picked it out himself, I had no input whats so ever, I think that makes me love it more!!

2.  If I could be one age for the rest of my life,   I would want to be  Umm... The excitement of getting your licenses at 16 would be fun to re-visit, I just don't know, I have soooo much more life to live, I'm not sure I have lived the best year of my life, Ill get back to you when I'm 99!!!

3.  The best way to spend a weekend is    This is awful to say, but lately I have been living for the weekends, I love them!!! Spending time with Jon and Landon, Just being home is my Favorite!!!

4.  My outlook on life is    Its Great, Its not always easy, and there are days were I think it cant get much worse! But I know that it can. I just try really hard to live a positive Thankful life!

5.  If you want to annoy me, just     NEGATIVITY!!!!

6.  I am completely defenseless when it comes to       Landon!!!! OHHHHH My when he sticks that lip out, I melt!!! Food, I Love it, I love to eat!

7.  When dressing for the day one should       Just feel confident and comfortable, wear what make you feel beautiful regardless!!!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend!!! Watching the BIG game tonight between Carolina and Marquette!! GOOOOOOO HEELS!!! I was beyond happy to watch Duke loose last night!! Sooo sorry pukey!!!!  we are taking Landon to get his pictures made tomorrow with Kai his best friend!! Its suppose to be a rainy weekend!! Blah!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I hope the Weather is beautiful and you have tons of fun!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog LOVE!!!

I know I have said this a million times before but, I love this blog land! Its been sooo much fun meeting new people, from all over the world, from every coast and countries  far away. I love that I can now say I have friends in California, Texas, Florida and new friends form my home state! I LOVE it!!

I have gotten so behind on accepting a few awards that I have received and I definitely don't want you ladies to think I am Ungrateful! I am forever grateful for your continued support of my Little slice of blogger heaven!!!

From Miranda @ Moms bookshelf

 Thank you soo much Miranda for thinking of me!!

  From Siv Maira @Been There Done That
Thank you, thank you for awarding me this award!!


 Thank Shayln for this very unique SMELLY ARMPIT award!! LOL!

I'm soooo excited that recently 2 of my real life friends have started blogging!!! I hope you will visit them and give them the same blog Love you have given me!!!

Christina @My Silly Life
Christina is my BFF, we have been friends since the first grade! Now we both have little boys that we are hoping will remain friends for life! Christina's Blog follows her family's Journey of adoption , parenting and lots of random fun!

Amber @SewN Amber
Amber is a super sweet friend who I have just recently met through church!!! Amber's blog Follows her life and her new passion for quilting and sewing!!!

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear, Landon

 Dear, Landon

 Your Dad and I met what seems like  only yesterday, but really it was 17 years ago!! We were only 12 years old, we were young!! We hit it off instantly, we fast became best friends. We went to rival middle schools and High schools, but managed to see each other just about every weekend. I was pretty boy crazy in those days, and your dad was crazy about me. He would call me just about everyday and ask me to be in girlfriend, but his timing was always off! Your dad was very prescient ! I bet that’s why you NEVER take NO for an answer!!!

It wasn’t until 2 years later, That I saw your dad differently, we were still so young only 15. I remember that day so vividly, he was standing at the concession stand at the baseball field, in his cute little baseball uniform. I walked up to him and asked for a hug, that moment, that hug changed everything and started  our life down a path God had planed for us! I knew that, that hug was different I knew I wanted your dad to be mine!!!  BUT this time it was me that had bad timing,  this time your dad had a girlfriend and she was my friend. Of course I couldn’t let a boy come between a friendship, so I asked your dad to call me when they broke up!! HAHA!!! He dad called me the next day!!!! Boy that was FAST huh? I remember the day he asked me to be his girlfriend May 7Th 1997. From that day forward Landon, your dad and I have been inseparable. Birthdays , Proms, Christmas, Death's and Heartache you name it we have been through it! Not many people are lucky enough to marry there soul mate Landon, But I was!

I hope that someday you know a love like your dad and mine. I hope a sweet little girl comes and captures your heart and holds it and protects it tight. You my sweet baby boy are someones knight in shining armor. Just like your dad is mine!

I Love You Infinity,

"A heart is a kingdom conquerable only by love. One smile, one hug, one kiss from you and I know you hold the key to the kingdom of my heart. What kingdoms lie awaiting you my Little Prince Charming?" -Unknown

Jon and I 1998

Senior prom 1999
Our Wedding Day May 24th 2003

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey Yall!!

Hello Friends!!
Happy Monday to you, and happy first week of spring!I Love spring but I hate the allergies and sneezing that come with it! Luckily I'm not affected by them as much, but poor Jon the first signs of spring and he is thrown into allergy doom. and It seems that Landon is following in his foot steps, poor guys!! I'm super excited that this year we get to enjoy spring with Landon, playing outside and exploring with him. I'm excited that the farmers market will be booming soon with yummy fresh and local produce and beautiful flowers!! Spring has sprung!!

I have a million little ideas swimming around my little head, Just dying to come out. I'm going to work really hard to make these ideas a reality!

I want to start spotlighting/featuring some of these great friends I have made in blog land. I want to Thank you guys for your support! I would love to start accepting sponsors for the month of April, so if you are interested please let me know, for right now I'm going to start with 8! (no worries its FREE,shoot me an email)  I'm also going to start a letters to Landon series, I'm super excited about that, and I have a million more ideas,soooo  we shall see were this takes me!!! Woohooo!! did I mention I'm super excited!!!

P.S I'm slipping in my number on Top Mommy blogs, Its OK I'm not mad at you, but you can make it up by voting every single day for the rest of you lives!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! Thank you!! (The button moved its left side bar very top!)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful Saturday!!

Today was just sooo nice, The sun was shinning, birds were chirping and Landon was as clingy as ever, but it was still a beautiful day!

I really do wish we had 7 Saturdays during the week, forget the rest of the days!! well I like Sundays too so it would be OK if they alternated! LOL!! We had the Yummiest dinner tonight , Ribs on the grill, Garlic potatoes and a yummy salad!! I'm soo looking froward to being able to do this all spring and summer long!!!

I'm really loving the stage Landon is in, he Loves to play and explore, but isn't independent enough to stray to far from mom an dad!! He laughs and screams so much more,and really is becoming quite the daddy's boy! I took him to get his 2nd hair cut today,His hair grows soooo fast. I had every intention of taking pictures of him being a big boy. Landon had other plans he was not at all cooperative, he didn't want the cape on him and he didn't want to sit still. So about 30 Min's later Landon and I were both covered with hair and he looked 2 years older. AWWWWWWW...... Why do they grow up so fast!??

Before Haircut!!


I hope you all had a beautiful Saturday!! <3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!
Landon and I didn't get pinched today did you??

I cant  tell you the last time I found a 4 leaf clover. I remember when I was little, My Grandmother and mom could find them in a second flat!!
I learned something today!!! DON'T TAKE BENADRYL at work, it will make you sleepy and make you feel worse then you already do!!!! (DUH Heather) In my own defense, the co-worker who gave it to me told me that she was giving me a sudafed . She told me after I had already taken it that it was benadryl. Lesson learned!!!!!! I'm so glad that its almost Friday, WOOOOOHOOOO!!!
I'm still feeling the effects of this Benadryl, its an early bed time for me tonight!!
Good Night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


  • Its Tuesday..... Yay!!! 
  • I'm still in shock and my heart is breaking for the people of Japan. All of the footage on TV just seems so unreal. I will continue to pray to Japans recovery.
  • Landon ate a little better today! YAY!!! (THANK YOU!!!! All of you awesome ladies who responded to my call for help, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and reach out!) If you didn't read yesterday's post, I'm having trouble getting Landon to eat! Id love to hear what you have to say!
  • I'm so sleepy I can barely keep  my eyes open, I can hear my bed calling!!! (I'm coming)
  • Day Light savings time,  is kicking my BUTT.
  • Teen Mom drives me crazy, but I still watch it!!!
  • I have been so disappointed in myself  for the lack of inspiration for blog posts!!
  • Its been such a dreary rainy day today, I'm soooooo ready for spring!
  • Jon's softball started up tonight, I'm looking forward to taking Landon to watch him, it was to cold and rainy to go tonight!
  • Guess what!!!!!! We have made it into the top 100 blogs on Top Mommy blogs!!!! Woohoo!!! Thanks so much!!! Keep voting please!!
  • I love you guys, Good Night Sleep tight and sweet dreams!!
Can you tell me whats wrong with this picture? LOL!!

Monday! (advice please)

So Toady was alright, one of the best Mondays I have had in a LOOONG time!!! YAY!!

 Although today didn't start of on the right foot..... Our alarm clack didn't go off this morning. Jon swore he set it, but it didn't go off! I don't even hear the alarm clock go off any more, I sleep right through Jon hitting snooze 13 million times. But  if Landon cries, I  pop up immediately and I'm wide awake! Thank goodness Landon knew what time it was this morning ! He started crying  at 6:30 on the dot. Jon has to leave by 6:30, OH NO someones going to be late for the first time!!! (Jon is Mr. punctual) Myself on the other hand, I'm usually 5 min's late if not later every day BUT........ and that's a BIG 25 pound BUT I have to get Landon and my self ready every morning. Its not always easy!!  Jon was up and out the door in 10 min's and made it to work in perfect time. I on the other hand made it work!!! I'm so glad Landon was looking out for mommy and daddy!!! Our Little hero!!

In other news........ our once will eat anything, begging for food son. Has done a complete 360. For the last 4 days it has been almost impossible to get him to eat. He refuses his breakfast, his once trusty  oatmeal and fruit, he turns his nose up. I tried fixing him eggs, nope wanted none of it. Lunch and dinner have also been very difficult UGH!! I was able to get him to eat about half of his Macaroni and cheese tonight, he usually has the whole bowl gobbled down in 5 min's. truthfully I  was just happy that he ate! We are able to get him to drink plenty of juice, water and milk! (he does eat just not a lot)

So ladies and gentlemen, I need your advice or is it advise?. Is this just a stage? How have you battled a child that doesn't want to eat? I'm scared to death that hes not getting all the vitamins and nutrients he needs. What are your children's favorite foods and snacks? Maybe introducing him to something new will help!?

Thank you all so much for you votes On Top mommy blogs we are moving on up!!!! THANK YOU!!! Keep them coming please!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Im filling in the blanks!

Link up with Lauren @the little things we do...
 1.   My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is     Being a mom, For a long time I didn't think I wanted to be a mom, I didn't feel like it fit into my life style and I just wasn't interested. Its funny how fast life can change. God Knocked on my door, I answered, he woke me up, changed my view and my life and gave me a title I am more then happy to accept. (MOM) Landon is my Biggest accomplishment! ( I will have to share my story of how God knocked later!)

2.  My favorite place to sit in my house is   I have a few favorite places, The couch cuddled  with my guys, in the floor playing with Landon. In the tub relaxing and enjoying me time!

3.  My fashion philosophy is   I guess I dress for comfort, I don't have a Big eye for fashion, although I wish I did. I think I dress a lot cuter in the summer, dresses and skirts! Anyone want to help this momma become more fashionable?

4.  Something every girl should have is     A Purse that she loves!!

5.  If you looked in my purse right now you'd find....    My Purse is new, so it isn't really cluttered up yet. Right now you will find, My keys, a wallet,and wrist-let, 2 other pouch things, with lip gloss and change, my point and shoot Camera, 10 million pens, and a container full of Gerber puffs. OK so maybe it is cluttered!

6.  My favorite music right now is      I don't really have a favorite right now! I listened to some 90's music today it really made me smile and brought back some fun memories!   .

7.  My favorite part of my body is       My hazel eyes. They tend to coordinate with what I'm wearing. 

NC is going to beautiful warm and sunny this weekend. I'm sooo looking forward to opening the windows and letting the fresh air in, playing with Landon outside and just relaxing! Tomorrow night we have been invited to go and have dinner with Jon's Bosses and their family's, I have met them once they are really nice people.

I must Ask you again! (bug you again) Will you please give me a quick vote for Top Mommy blogs? PLEASE!! We are almost in the top 100!!! WOHOOO!!!! Thanks sweet friends!! Its right there in my right side bar, and if you want you can vote daily!

I hope that you all have a beautiful , relaxing weekend!! <3