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Friday, July 1, 2011


OOOOOHHHH How I love the sweet tasty goodness of my beloved Mt. Dew. Its became one of my BEST friends!!! Its refreshing flavor, its perfect amount of caffeine that, just revs me up in the A.M. AWWWWW........... I can taste it now!!!!!

I just love this stuff and I have tried so hard to cut back, but time and time again. I find myself rushing to the fridge at work and at home to grab an Ice Cold dew. I have no will power against the stuff. It calls my name, it knows my weakness's, its an evil little monster!!!

I really thought I was doing something good for myself, when I switched from regular soft drinks to diet. I can remember how hard it was for me to switch, I hated diet, now I cant stop!!!! The last 2 days, I have heard 2 times how awful diet drinks are for you, of coarse I have heard that artificial sweeteners can increase your risk if cancer, there isn't much that we consume this day in time that doesn't have a warning that it can increase your chances of cancer.  2 days in a row I have heard 2 separate studies!!!
A study presented at a American Diabetes Association meeting this week shows that drinking diet soda is associated with a wider waist in humans. And a second study shows that aspartame -- an artificial sweetener in diet soda -- actually raises blood sugar in mice prone to diabetes.

I got my Info here!

WHAT????!!!! I'm trying to loose this baby fat not keep it on!!! No wonder I always feel like my stomach is big and bloated, because it is!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I always have my favorite can in my hand!!!!

Soooooo with this said, I'm going to say a bitter sweet good bye to my beloved diet. dew and all other diet drinks. You have been quite the sneaky back stabber, making believe that you were some what good for me. All the while you were helping me to keep this baby fat and making me feel awful about myself!
Its going to be sooo hard to say good bye, But I must move on to healthier alternatives!!
 Christina @ My Silly Life! kicked you to the curb, I can do it toooooo!!!!!
Good BYE Diet Mt. Dew!!!

So friends have you kicked the habit? what helped you to stop and move on!?


  1. Water is our safest bet! Unfortunately 2 people that I know are addicted to diet sodas and are not losing any weight at all, not matter what else they try. I keep showing them the studies, but they don't want to believe it.

    Cutting out everything but water and fresh squeezed juices, helped me start saying no to so much other stuff.

    Good luck on your new venture!!

  2. Yep, if you are going to indulge in soda, have a regular with real sugar. I feel like fake anything is bad for us, better to have some real butter...sugar etc. You can do it, kick that diet soda to the curb!

  3. Hey thanks for the info!
    I'm very addicted to Sunkist (the caffeine and sugar). I always told myself I should try to drink diet pop. But I hate the taste of diet.
    Very interesting!

  4. Funny! Good luck on kicking the habit! Hi! I am your newest follower from the Tailspin Blog & Social Media Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back: http://blog.writerslairbooks.com. Thanks!

  5. I like your blog so much i added your blog to my blog wall. I hope that was ok.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comment.

    Lioness- Your newest follower

  6. if you want soda. drink the natural versions of the regular stuff. in moderation. and treat it like a dessert!

    thats my silly 2 cents! the diet stuff scares me! when p comes home screaming COKE ZERO!!! I die a little inside when I see whats in his hand =( lol

    love you!!! hope you have a fab 4th of july weekend!

  7. Oh geeze. I am ADDICTED to Diet Dr. Pepper and really try to ignore info like this- HA! Isnt it so stinky that we think we are doing something good for ourselves but really are doing more damage then before? OYE! HA. I will stop with you...1 a week!

  8. I had a real hard time giving up soda, but I did it and I feel better for it. I can't say I lost the baby fat though!! Hubby did!!! lol

    I am following you thanks to FHS Hoppin Weekend!! I am currently looking for bloggers to participate in a Back To School Giveaway Hop if you are interested!! Have a great Holiday Weekend!!


  9. My husband used to drink a ton of diet soda, but he switched to the throw back soda which uses real sugar and drinks far less. New follower from the July hop, have a great week! You can find me at


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