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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas is a time for celebration!
We had a great Christmas, Lots of celebrations, lots of family and tradition!

Almost all of our family live around us, so Christmas is crazy busy! We have a million
places to visit, which can become a bit overwhelming, but I cant imagine missing a moment with our 
families. Seeing the smile on my grandmothers face when her whole family is together is priceless, and Landon playing with his cousins an making new memories priceless!!

My grand mother (ma-maw) Ashlyn and Landon!
My beautiful sister, mom, dad and me!
Landon showing Grand pa Nile the snowmen!

Just us girls! ( Jon's cousins)

Landon was so much fun, this was the first year we got to play Santa, 
it was just sooo fun putting his gifts out, and filling his little stocking.
We totally forgot the milk and cookies for Santa........
oh well Santa didn't really need the extra calories!
  Landon didn't understand what was going on when he woke up 
Christmas morning, but it was still fun seeing his face when he saw his new toys!

Landon showing me what Santa brought him!

We did get our wish, It was our First white Christmas. It stared snowing around 11 AM 
and it snowed for about 24 hours! It was was beautiful! 
Landon wasn't so sure what to do with all the white stuff, he 
just stood there motionless, wondering what in the world we were doing to him. He looked so 
cute in his snow suit.

MOM get me Please!!

Christmas is such a beautiful day! I just wish it didn't have to come and go so fast! 

My sweet Little man!!!

Unfortunately hanging out with family, you can pass around some pretty
nasty germs. All 3 of us have had the stomach yucks, Landon then Jon, now me.
I HATE the stomach yucks, its been miserable. Thank goodness we are all on the mend, Just
in time for New years!



  1. Hope you feel all better very soon!
    Great Christmas pictures!

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