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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I feel like the minute I get it caught up, everything folded and put away (BIG Sigh). I turn around and theres 6 more loads to wash!!! REALLY!!!!!!  I know that this is life, its never going to end, But I hate doing it, it overwhelms me!

When my in-laws stayed with us over the thanksgiving holiday, while I was at work slaving away. My sweet mother in-law was here at my house slaving away at my piles and piles of laundry. For the first time since Landon was born it was all caught up and put away!! yay!! It felt soooo good to walk past the washer and dryer (they are in our basement) and see nothing, no piles and nothing waiting to be put away!  I am forever thankful for her doing that.

But now we are back to 6,000,000 piles one in the bed room, one in the bath room, Landon's room, blah blah blah! I HATE it!!!

This isn't my basket of  laundry , but you  get the point!!!

While I was putting away Landon's clothes tonight. I decided that his little closet needed to be cleaned out. It was so sad putting away his out grown clothes, some that I bought before he was even born. My little guy is growing up so fast.I sometimes wish I could just freeze him, freeze time and live it all in slow motion so we can all be sure we are enjoying every moment.

Its finally Friday!
3 More days! well 2 really!!!


  1. I hate laundry too...someone needs to invent biodegradable disposable clothes

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  2. Following you via Friday Blog Hop from lil-LIZ-bits, lil-bits from my Navy Wife Life Mom-prenuer adventures. Love to see you on Facebook too!

    I hate laundry too!

  3. I am sooo with ya on the laundry. The thing I hate is that I always seem to have endless piles and piles of laundry, but then never seem to think I have anything to wear - when I obviously do - hense all the piles. haha

    Happy Friday to you!

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

  4. I feel your pain, girl!

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  5. Here from the bloghop.
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  6. Ha, I hear ya on the laundry front! Just saying hello from a Friday hop...and I'm your newest follower! Would love it if you stopped by my blog to follow along too! Blessings!

    ps- is your birthday 12/12? That is one of my son's birthdays! :)

  7. Glad I'm not the only one with a laundry problem! I love putting it in the washer and then into the dryer, but after that it all goes downhill!

  8. I don't like laundry either..I'm glad I am not alone..
    Happy Birthday!


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