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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A party for Landon!

Landon in his ball Pit!

We celebrated all 365 days of Landon's life on Saturday! We had most of our closest friends and family over for what we southerns call a chicken stew and weenie roast! This was our first attempt at making chicken stew and by the reviews we did pretty good, or either everyone was being really nice!
Jon and his stew!

I was so overwhelmed the entire weekend. Landon was only turning 1, and would never remember this day, I still wanted it to be as perfect as it could be. We really didn't have a theme, but choose to use balls and bright primary colors. Most of the food was in the shape of balls, we had cake balls, cheese balls, gum balls and cereal balls!! It turned out really cute!! Jon and I spent all day Friday cooking chickens and de-boning chickens for the stew, man that was really hard work!!! Saturday was spent cleaning the house and the yard and decorating for the big bash! Jon and I weren't really sure how many people were coming, We were counting on 35-40 people. I guess we miss counted our total number was 50 plus! YIKES!! I was a little scared that we wouldn't have enough food! Thank goodness we did!

Party time was at 4:00 pm, Landon had taken his morning nap, but I guess with all the excitement he decided that an afternoon nap wouldn't be needed! People started arriving around 3:30, I wasn't ready, we still had decorations to put up and stew to make! With the help of great friends and family by the time the bulk of the guests arrived we were ready to party!!!

Landon was a happy little guy for the most part, he played and let everyone hold him, he also ate and ate and ate, he loved the chicken stew. We had intended for the whole party to be outside, but it got really cold so we all packed in to our tiny little house, to watch Landon open presents and devour his little cake! At present time Landon decided that he wanted throw a little fit, he didn't want to open bags and boxes,  he wanted to play outside. Several of his older cousin and friends came to his rescue, and they started opening the  presents for him, once he saw what was in the boxes, he decided he wanted to open as well!  He got so many great things, more then I expected. After all the gifts were opened it was time for the cake! We had practiced singing Happy Birthday to him weeks before so he wouldn't be scared when lots of people were looking at him singing. It worked, he just laughed and smiled. He devoured almost half of his cake, and didn't put up a fight when I decided that he had, had enough. It was so sweet and so much fun to watch!

I'm soo thankful that we got to celebrate Landon's life with so many great people. God has truly blessed our little family.


  1. Hi, I am following you from mid week mingle.Landon is so cute! I hope you have a wonderful day!


  2. Doesn't it feel like that first year goes sooo fast?!
    I feel like I'm constantly saying that I cant wait for him to get older, but as soon as he reaches a new milestone I just want to scoop him up and turn him back into a newborn!!

    Funny thing, this motherhood!

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  7. what a cutie pie....his pictures on the cupcakes is clever:) happy celebration!!


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