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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful Saturday!!

Today was just sooo nice, The sun was shinning, birds were chirping and Landon was as clingy as ever, but it was still a beautiful day!

I really do wish we had 7 Saturdays during the week, forget the rest of the days!! well I like Sundays too so it would be OK if they alternated! LOL!! We had the Yummiest dinner tonight , Ribs on the grill, Garlic potatoes and a yummy salad!! I'm soo looking froward to being able to do this all spring and summer long!!!

I'm really loving the stage Landon is in, he Loves to play and explore, but isn't independent enough to stray to far from mom an dad!! He laughs and screams so much more,and really is becoming quite the daddy's boy! I took him to get his 2nd hair cut today,His hair grows soooo fast. I had every intention of taking pictures of him being a big boy. Landon had other plans he was not at all cooperative, he didn't want the cape on him and he didn't want to sit still. So about 30 Min's later Landon and I were both covered with hair and he looked 2 years older. AWWWWWWW...... Why do they grow up so fast!??

Before Haircut!!


I hope you all had a beautiful Saturday!! <3


  1. Beautiful family! Beautiful photos! I'm with you, I wish everyday can be Saturday!

  2. ribs ... garlic potatoes .. YUM!!! happy weekend * ps. luv ur pre-Post WARNING!!! cute stuff ;)

  3. aww love his haircut!! and I know they need to slow down! ha

  4. gorgeous, handsome man! times flies way too fast, i know! just yesterday i was changing diapers and now my kids are grown and don't need me any longer...okay they always need us in some way or another but u know! it's a happy journey but it's crazy how the moments we cherish today become yesterdays memories! love you beautiful! let's have a saturday tomorrow---->saturday:) we can make it happen! xo

  5. I am totally in on just having Saturdays! My fav day by far!! Seems like you had a perfect one! He is such a cutie and looks so handsome with his haircut!
    Have a wonderful day! Hugs xxx

  6. He is such a bundle of handsomeness! I love the 'after' picture and his silly/cute facial expression! We also cooked on the grill last night. It was chilly, but the moon as bright and beautiful and we lit the tiki torches on the deck. Doesn't it get you pumped for spring? :) I wish we had ribs though. I'm glad for your fabulous weekend.


  7. Hey!! Stopping over from FLOB :)
    I love your spelling/grammar warning at the top! so funny! I've actually had people leave anonymous comments correcting me before... get a life!

  8. Stopping by from FLOB!
    Landon is so cute! They really do grow up so fast! I have a 2 & 3 year old and oh my goodness, they grow too fast!! I love his little hair cut!
    And your warning at the top totally made me giggle.
    New follower here :)

  9. Hi, I am new to blogging and hopping. I hopped in here from Norway and I look forward to following you. Suffering from "empty nest syndrom" my advice to you is, YES they do grow up way to fast so make it all count today!

  10. Mmmm...food on the grill is the absolute best. We always look forward to the sunny weather and warmer temperatures so we can throw some steaks out. :)

  11. He is just so precious!!! Enjoy your week!


  12. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday!! Landon looks like such a big boy, so handsome!

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