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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday! (advice please)

So Toady was alright, one of the best Mondays I have had in a LOOONG time!!! YAY!!

 Although today didn't start of on the right foot..... Our alarm clack didn't go off this morning. Jon swore he set it, but it didn't go off! I don't even hear the alarm clock go off any more, I sleep right through Jon hitting snooze 13 million times. But  if Landon cries, I  pop up immediately and I'm wide awake! Thank goodness Landon knew what time it was this morning ! He started crying  at 6:30 on the dot. Jon has to leave by 6:30, OH NO someones going to be late for the first time!!! (Jon is Mr. punctual) Myself on the other hand, I'm usually 5 min's late if not later every day BUT........ and that's a BIG 25 pound BUT I have to get Landon and my self ready every morning. Its not always easy!!  Jon was up and out the door in 10 min's and made it to work in perfect time. I on the other hand made it work!!! I'm so glad Landon was looking out for mommy and daddy!!! Our Little hero!!

In other news........ our once will eat anything, begging for food son. Has done a complete 360. For the last 4 days it has been almost impossible to get him to eat. He refuses his breakfast, his once trusty  oatmeal and fruit, he turns his nose up. I tried fixing him eggs, nope wanted none of it. Lunch and dinner have also been very difficult UGH!! I was able to get him to eat about half of his Macaroni and cheese tonight, he usually has the whole bowl gobbled down in 5 min's. truthfully I  was just happy that he ate! We are able to get him to drink plenty of juice, water and milk! (he does eat just not a lot)

So ladies and gentlemen, I need your advice or is it advise?. Is this just a stage? How have you battled a child that doesn't want to eat? I'm scared to death that hes not getting all the vitamins and nutrients he needs. What are your children's favorite foods and snacks? Maybe introducing him to something new will help!?

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  1. Awww, I wish I could help but I have no idea. I hope he shakes whatever this is soon so it's not such a challenge for you.

    Anyways, I changed my blog around a bit & I'm not sure if my posts are showing up on some people's newsfeeds so I thought I would let you know what my new url is.


    I hope & pray things get better with eating for your little man

    melissa @champagne wishes.

  2. My son totally goes through eating stages, he's got a total love/hate relationship with it. If he's having a hard time eating, refusing his meals, then I bring a small toy to his high chair and he plays with that and gobbles up food. I think he's just too interested in playing and doesn't want to be bothered to stop and eat. But, sometimes that doesn't even work ... that's when I take him out of the high chair, we go and play and I get him to drink a yogurt shake. At least he's got something in him!

    And yay for the little guy waking you up this morning! Go baby!!

  3. We go through this stage all the time and Ryan is a great eater. Good thing is he WONT starve himself- food isnt an emotional thing or a power struggle. He will eat if hes hungry. Sometimes they just get in a funk and its ok. If he was really hungry he would eat anything! And if he only wants gold fish he can live off that for a few days ;) Dont worry this is TOTALLY a phase and it will pass then probably happen again :( its frustrating as all get up though I understand!!!!! hang in there. Ryans dr said to NEVER force them to eat it creates bad feelings toward food and teaches them to ignore their bodies own "full" feelings which he needs to maintain a healthy appetite the rest of his life. hope this helps!

  4. I think it is just a stage! As kids get older, their rating habits ebb and flow! Keep trying but don't force him. Landon is a smart boy, he will eat when he gets ready!

  5. Ok it's early and I haven't gotten the hang of this touch screen on my iPhone! Rating should have been eating! Sorry

  6. I wish I had some solution to offer, but I really don't. Kids definitely do go through their phases, and there's really nothing you can do but try to wait patiently. I'd keep offering him meals, but try not to make it turn into a negative situation.

    When a friend of mine's toddler was sick and not wanting to eat, I made some smoothies for him, and he like those. Might try that. I did one that was all fruits and milk (could use yogurt also) and another that was banana and peanut butter and milk. That way you're still getting in some nutrients.

    Hope the issue passes quickly!

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  8. Yep I think its just a phase.
    Try not to make it a battle of wills with him.
    He's not going to suffer, doctors always say not to worry.
    I'd be more concerned about another reason causing this. Maybe a cold or flu coming on or teeth coming in. Something that is signaling his body to not eat. Thats what happens with my son as a toddler.

  9. My advice after going through this 2 times...it's a stage. Continue to offer him fav foods and as well as some new ones. Sometimes they get sick of what they normally love. Other times, they are just not hungry. Could be a variety of reasons. Try switching it up and if you are worried about his intake, you can give him something like Kid Essentials. We get them in the baby section at our grocery. It's like a meal replacement for kids. Mia sucks them down and they are high calorie and protein. But don't worry mama, he is go through crazy eating phases his whole toddlerhood. My dr said that you should look at what they eat in a whole week and never what they eat in just one day. XOXO


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