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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!!!! Part 2

21. All things Nautical!!
22. All 4 of the Seasons
23. Love!!!!!
24. Day Light Savings Time!!
25. Singing!
26. Days of our lives!                             
27. The smell of Honey suckles!!      
28. Bed Time!
29. The Beach!!
30. Warm Blankets!!
31. Hot Baths!
32. A golden Tan!
33. Family Vacation!
34. Home Cooked dinners by my mom!
35.When Landon holds my hand!!!!!!
36. Being a Mom!!
37. Losing a Pound!!
38. When a head aches ease off!!!
39.Getting may hair done!
40. Being Home!!!!

To Be Continued!............................. Next letter to Landon Tomorrow!
Happy Wednesday!!! <3


  1. This is really sweet! I love the "losing a pound" and "hold hand" entries...

    Best ~

  2. Super fun and happy, positive post! I definitely smiled at several of the things you posted, thinking about how those are some of my favorite things too! I love the beach and getting tan and vacations and cuddling up with a warm blanket. Yup, and I love reading your blog too :)

  3. mmmm... honeysuckle! I love it!
    Reading your favorite things makes me happy :0)
    what a great (continued) list you have.

    btw, it would be fun having you around to help plan Oliver's birthday. <3

  4. Fun list! A really fun post!

    I love the holding my hand too ... he does it when he wants help climbing up / down, so sweet.

    And yay for losing a pound, that's always a big happy!!


  5. #35 melts my heart! Love this post!

  6. Great list! :-) I'm so missing the beach right now! LOL


  7. oh gosh I need the beach right nowwwwwwwwww!!!1

  8. I need to post this on my blog! ha ha Love it :) I am your newest follower :) Your blog is just adorable :)


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