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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hug, Love and Cherish !

Tomorrow isn't promised, an hour from now isn't promised, even the next minute isn't. I think we all try to live with mentality that it cant, and it wont happen to me. I'm one who refuses to believe in the negative, I always try really hard to to bring out the positive in every situation, and it can be sooo hard sometimes, and I fail often. I think its so easy for us to take the ones we love for granted, to assume that they will always be there. We get use to the everyday routine and we often assume words that are unspoken. (I Love you, Thank you, Your are beautiful/Handsome). We put off things that  shouldn't wait, Like going to the park on a pretty day, or taking the time to call a loved one on the phone. You never know what to tomorrow will bring.

I have said this before but the moment that I found out I was pregnant my life, my world changed. Nothing in the world could ever compare to the love I have for my son, and the love that I have for my family. I cant for a minute imagine what I would do or how I would feel if they were taken away form me.

Last night a friend shared a link with me to a blog that rocked my foundation and ripped my heart out of my chest. Meet The Staats, one day before Jon and I went on vacation this family's world was changed forever. Their sweet baby girl Maddie became one of Gods beautiful angles. I went to bed last night crying and praying, praying for their family, hoping that they find peace and thanking God for the time he has given me and for  what he has given me. I do warn you that if you choose to visit Kellie be prepared, its heart wrenching make sure you have tons of tissues. Her blog follows their journey of loss. I cant Imagine.

Tonight be sure that you tell each and every person you love, just how much you love them, if you have children hold them tight and thank God for giving you such a beautiful gift. 


  1. Beautiful post, with a beautiful message. Going to grab a box of kleenex & head over to the staats, now! xo

  2. oh my goodness... I couldn't even imagine... I didn't grab the box of kleenex, BUT SHOULD HAVE. How said... my heart is broken for her.
    Thank you for sharing this... it's a HUGE eye opener... nothing is promised.

  3. Beautiful message. And I didn't even noticed that my tears fell. Can you please pass the box of kleenex?
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  4. Coming over from FTLOB. I too have been keeping up with the Staats. I too cry each time I read her posts...

    Life can change in a moment...one day she was taking pictures of her daughter for a family blog...the next day her blog has taken on a different emotion. We should all count our blessings and not take anything for granted!

  5. chills * cheers to cherishing our blessings :)

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  8. Thank you for the reminder :). Life is so short.

  9. That is sooo true. We need to appreciate every moment both the people around us and the beauty of the world...all impressive!
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  10. So very true, and applies to all aspects of our lives.

  11. what a touching post to remind us that we truly need to appreciate the wonderful blessings in our lives. i came across the stats just the other day ago.. i read through almost every post. it's so heartbreaking. they are so strong, and going through such a difficult time. many many prayers, hearts, and wishes are being sent their way. thanks again for the reminder about this all.

  12. Amen!! So very very true!


  13. I thought I was already following your blog but I wasn't sooooo I am officially now :) Love it big time! Have a great weekend lady!

  14. THis is such a great message. We were rocked to our core this fall when my cousins baby girl was sent to heaven after 4 days on this earth. And I have met tons of mothers and fathers through blogging who have lost a child. My parents, in fact, lost their first born son when he was 3. THe ache of losing a child is a pain I never want to experience. I find myself praying for parents who have lost children all the time. I ofter ask why....although I know the question hasn't an answer that I can understand. I just thank God that he has blessed me beyond what I deserve.

  15. In spirit of this, I havent told you I loved ya today! I sooooo do! <3 You're one of the greats! =)

    I hope this weekend is amazing for you and the fam! <3


  16. Beautiful post, Heather. Thanks for the reminder. Heading over to the Staats blog now, tissues in hand.

    Hope you are having a good weekend, full of the people you love!

  17. Very well written. Thank you for a touching post. I am hopping in from Friday's Hops. Love for you to stop by.

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  18. It is terrifying how quickly things can change. It's so true that we need to live in the present and cherish every moment! Hope you are having a good weekend sweetie! xo


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