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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Im A Winner!!

When we got home from vacation, we had a package waiting for us! OOOHHHH How exciting!!! While we where away I found out that I had won a giveaway, NO WAY!!! The sweet Cari at Cupcakes and Cartwheels,  hosted a super cute giveaway, of the cutest little crochet monsters shapes!!
 Little Monsters!! Sorry for the poor photo quality! :(
 How cute are they??!! Thank you sooo much Cari, Landon Loves them! I cant wait to enter your next giveaway!!

It was so hard to get a good picture of him with them!

He loves them, This one seems to be his favorite!!


  1. I am so glad your little man likes them! :)

  2. aw! What a cutie and those stuffed monsters are so stinking cute!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful night lovely!

  3. Aw - so cute!
    And your blog looks amazing! Awesome!!! xxx

  4. CUTE! How sweet that he loves them!

  5. Girl you are on a roll, first the bloggy make over and now these adorable "monster guys" ... they say it comes in 3's, I hope you have another winner post to share soon! YAY you!!



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