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Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach Bumz!!

I look forward to our beach vacation every year, I always build up so much anticipation. This year I was really looking forward to watching Landon explore and see new a different things! Last year he was to little to know whats going on, this year was full of surprises and LOTS and LOTS of laughs!

We played lots and lots of games corn hole and boccie ball were his favorites. He also discovered that seagulls will eat anything!

Landon Learned how to be the center of attention,  by wearing a bucket on his head and singing the happy song! Hanging out with a  3 and 4 year old little girl, he learned how to  use his lungs and found a little mean streak! This Little guy has no fear!!

Mr. Independent wanted to ride every single ride on the boardwalk, he ran around like a little monkey. Several times he tried to sneak on rides, when he thought mom and dad weren't looking! We did ride a mini pirate ship, a fun house, a train, and my favorite the Carousel! The Little sneak did manage to get a tatted up at 18 months, he drew all over his arms the minute Jon and I turned our head! NEVER a dull moment!

Although the week didn't go as planned. I still had so much fun with My boys and mad memories that will last a life time!! Needless to say it was incredibly difficult going back to work. I missed them soo much!



  1. Love all the pics! A beach vacation sounds great, so happy you had family time. xxoo

  2. returning to our "regular schedules" is always hard...love the shots...so fun!

  3. Ohh that handsome little boy!!! I have decided I LOVE him with a buzz cut! I cannot wait to take Kai and have all those fun new experiences!!

  4. Very cute! So much fun! I wish we were going to the beach this year. Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop. See you next time!

  5. Looks like so much fun! I love seeing pictures of you and your family! love you girl! xoxo

  6. How FUN! I love that he tried to sneak on rides, how cute! Love the pictures!


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