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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey Yall, HEY!!!!

Just in case you have missed me!!!'
I'm still here!!!

I know I have missed y'all sooo much! I feel like I have neglected so many awesome friends! I'm sooo sorry!!!

Last week we went on Vacation! We were at the beach, We had such a great time, so be on the look out of cuteness overload of Landon on the beach!!!

When we came home from the beach, We had to put our house back together, while we were away,  we had our hardwood floors redone. I FLIPPIN LOVE them!!! OMG My house looks soooo much better! It feels even more like home!!!

I do want to ask a favor, for those of you who pray, can you say a prayer for my family!? (no worries, Jon, Landon and I are fine) We are dealing with a situation, were we need peace and guidance. That's all I can really say about it right now. Thank you soooo much, and I would love  to return the favor if you have something you need prayed about!

OK so I just wanted to check in real quick and let you guys know, I'm thinking about you, an I'm planning on catching up! I  have new followers to go and visit, and lots of comment love to catch up on!!! Love you all!!!

P.S~ Thanks  to everyone who linked up To HIGH ON LIFE!!!! You guys are AWESOME!
Time to play catch up!!!!


  1. Count on it babe! Hope everything works itself out! <3 love and miss you so so much!!!!!

  2. We were on vacation too and just got back today! Yours is the first blog I'm checking in on!! Glad to hear y'all were able to get away too :)

    Sending some prayers your way!!

  3. We are just about to have hardwoods put down in two of our rooms. I seriously can't wait!!

    You got it on the prayers! I'll be thinking about you!!!

  4. We will be praying! Have a good week!

  5. Yay for vacation, can't wait to see pics. And prayers are being sent your way. XOXO

  6. Thinking of you sweetheart.....hope everything turns out Awesome!
    Looking forward to your pics of vacation and beautiful Landon!

  7. Vacation... what great fun! Will look forward to seeing your photographic memories. I also have polished hardwood floors & love them. I hope that whatever hurdle your facing at the moment resolves itself for you. Take Care.. Kath

  8. Saying prayers and thinking of you!!! Miss you! Love you!

  9. Prayers coming your way- hope everything turns out okay!

  10. Will be sending prayers your way!


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