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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

High On Life Thursday!! #3

 Hello!!! Welcome to the 3rd ,  High On Life Link up!!! Hosted By Myself and the SUPER SWEET Christina @ My Silly Life! What could be better then sharing what makes you smile and gives you  your inspiration!? We hope you enjoy and come back week after week

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Enough said!!!! 

This week I have been kicking back and relaxing a little and enjoying my sweet little family!!! Unfortunately there have been a few challenges, Well Maybe Some MAJOR challenges, but We will save them for another time! I have decided that I'm not letting anything else try to rain on my vacation parade and I'm going to enjoy the last few days that I have left! 

Th funnest pat of this whole week has been watching Landon see and do new things! He has cracked me up!!! His personalty is popping out all over the place! 

Here's to 2 more days of uninterrupted relaxation and fun with My sweet little family! I hope that this week has been good to you! Cant wait to share pictures!

Cant wait to see what inspiring you this week!!! <3


  1. Oh yay, I'm glad you're on vacay! Is it a stay-at-home-vacay? Sometimes those are the best!

    Glad to hear you're having a great time, sorry about the challenges you are facing, but good attitude to not let them get you down, whatever they are. Enjoy this special time with your fam!


  2. Enjoy your vacation - rest, relax, and just have fun! Traveling mercies,
    ~ Debra

  3. This was my first time joining up with you guys for this! I really liked doing it! You don't realize how much you have to be thankful for until you sit down and decide to write a post out about it! :o)

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!! :O)

  4. Well said, enjoy your vacation. Don't let anyone or anything ruin it for you. You deserve the BEST time! :)

  5. YAY for VACAY... I'm glad your enjoying it. Taking some time out for a little stay-cation does the heart good. :0)
    <3 ya tons!!

  6. Heather: I am unable to link up, but I did post your link on my blog. I like anyone who is high on life!

  7. Hey Heather... I found your blog through JJ ... with such positivity, I think I will be visiting again. Great vibes here!

  8. Heather,
    I love this idea! I have been taking a vacation from blogging and enjoying my girls being home for the Summer, but am now back and look forward to linking up next time!
    Have a great vacation! Enjoy that sweet Landon!


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