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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vaction Time (Never to be forgotten)

Hey y'all!!!

Just wanted to check in!!! Ive been MIA!! We left for vacation on Saturday!!! I have to tell you that I had the most eventful 4 hour ride of my life! Ill try and make this the short of the long!

We were driving down 40 towards Wilmington NC
When all of the Sudden a work van beings fish-tailing , and looses control, It happened so fast but the next thing I know the van was flipping in the air, it was all such blur, but the car flipped at least 4 times. It  finally landed on the other side of the highway in the median on its roof and then rolled over. I yelled to Jon STOP we have to Stop and help these people. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking, all I could do was pray for the poor people inside the van. Jon and my cousin got out and ran. My first instinct was to run, until it hit me that I had a sleeping baby in the car. It was all like something that you see in the movies. What amazed me the most was the amount of people who stopped and ran to those people, not knowing what they were going to run up on. It just so happened that 2 of the first people were a doctor and a paramedic. What are the chances??? 

There were 2  men in the van, heavily loaded down with tools and wood. They were banged up pretty bad, and in shock, but there was no blood. There is no doubt that God was with these men. The fact that no one was around them when they begin fish-tailing and they didn't flip into oncoming traffic was amazing. Needles to say Our family beach trip will never be forgotten.
 I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! I cant wait to share vacation stories with you and lots of fun pictures! So far there have been enough laughs to fill the Atlantic ocean! Love y'all! <3


  1. wow, i'm so glad that your family made it safely to the beach. i pray that God blesses this time...

  2. Whoa.....what an experience! Very scary! Happy to hear it wasn't any worse.
    Can't wait to see your beach pics!

  3. Heather- enjoy your vacay! What a scary start though!

  4. Holy cow, Heather. What a crazy experience and yes I think you are right that God was definitely with those men! How lucky that they weren't seriously injured!

  5. Girl that Dr. and Paramedic were ordained to be there by GOD! No chance involved! So glad your family stopped to help! Yea for you getting away for some much needed r and r!


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