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Monday, January 31, 2011

He Has My Heart Forever!!!

Jon and I have been together for almost 15 years that's half of my life.
We met when we were 12 and we played a cat a mouse game for a looong time. Jon was relentless, and I was playing hard to get! Until one day I finally saw him differently, it definitely  helped that he was in his cute little baseball uniform. LOL.  I remember the day that I said Yes , YES Jon I will be your  girl friend, It was May 7 1997. From that day forward we were inseparable.  You rarely saw one of us with out the other.

2007, The winter we bought our first house!
We have been through so much  together,  We have grown up together. We got our drivers licenses, we went to proms, we have been through the divorce of his parents , first jobs, and heart aches, he was with me when I thought my family was falling apart, We graduated high school and college together and Family vacations. He was by my side when I said goodbye to my Grand father (my best friend) Hes been amazing, hes been my glue, my rock.

Dude My hair was long, I <3 him!
 What makes it even better is that I know God made him just for me, He gave me this beautiful relationship to love and Cherish and to nurture and grow. I don't Thank God enough for giving me this man.

 5 year Wedding anniversary!
 Lately I have not been the best wife, he  deserves  soooo much better. I have been snappy, ill, short, tempered, and sometimes just plan ole mean. Why? I really cant explain, hes done nothing wrong. He works hard and sacrifices so much for our family. Maybe its lack of sleep or that lots of my time and energy go to a tiny little man. Maybe its stress from work, or crazy bills. None of these I know are are good enough excuses. I'm so THANKFUL for this man.

I would Love to do something spacial for Jon, something out of the ordinary,  and that doesn't cost and arm and a leg.  Something that will show him how much he means to me and That I'm still as much in love with him today as the day we said I do!

Hes' my knight in shining armor!
What Have you done, to make your special guy feel loved, or guys what has your special women done for you, that let you know just how wonderful you are!? I may have to steal your Idea!!

I Love Jon M <3


  1. awwwww! <3 You've known eachother since 12?! That's so great/inspiring =) You two make an adorable couple!

    I baby my husband way too much. Hes just too easy to spoil... don't do what I do. my husband is a brat =) lol

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. AW you are a good wife! I know what you mean, I've been so short tempered with my parents lately. I'm just amazingly stressed and I need something new!

    You should plan a whole day or night full of amazing clues or little gifts he finds around the house. It could lead to a fancy dinner or somewhere romantic. Or even a romantic night in at the house when the kids are asleep!

    You'll find something great to do!

  3. You guys are SO cute! I love seeing the pics of the younger days. My hubby just wants some action if you know what I mean. That's the best way to show him I love him! xo

  4. Aw how wonderful! I think every wife goes through these grumpy moments, I know I do and my temper lashes out at my man. Its something that I am trying to change but boy is it a struggle. Most men are just so easy going that they don't let the stress of bills and such get to them like we do. its so annoying! haha.

    I really don't have any suggestions on something nice for your hubs because all my hubs ever wants is some lovin. lol.

    I hope you have a beautiful day friend!

  5. First, thanks for commenting on my blog:) I'm now following u!

    Ooo I can be fierce grumpy with my hubby some days... What worked for us was/is time alone together. Even if it meant sending the boys overnight(this was tough for me, but worth it)at his aunties.... Or, I bake. I can never go wrong there, just feed his sweet tooth:)

  6. My husband and I have been together for 15 years as well. Isn't it amazing to know you are married not only to your best friend but also to the man God intended you to be with?

    For us, we like to leave each other little notes to find. In our cars, bathroom drawers, laptop bag, etc. It's always special to find a little note when we least expect it. It's an inexpensive way to share our love for each other.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Hope your day is special.

  7. Heather - This is a beautiful post. I have been with Charlie for almost 10 years (since I was 17). I'll be 27 this August. We're not married yet but I feel we practically are and have gone through just as much, without the title. I too get like that. I honestly feel bills can play a huge part since they cause us stress.. Stress - that awful word! I've learned to take a step back and just remember you both are in everything together. It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to apologize and just tell him.. to tell YOU that everything will be okay. Because it will and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. I can tell you must be a wonderful wife and I'm sure there's nothing he asks for in return and loves you very much. I can tell this from your post and what an amazing heart you have since you feel this guilt. Whatever you choose to do, do it for both of you. :) Think of something that would make you both happy, if its a nice date night out, but do it all all of out the norm. Go to a place you've never been before, go for a walk, maybe at night, get hot cocoas, watch the stars (on a clear night), sit on the floor and read to eachother, take goofy pictures! I'm sorry for writing so much, lol!!


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  9. Following from Follow Me, Chickadee!

    I feel the same way sometimes... mean & snappy.

    Honestly, I think that this post is a great start on showing him how much you love & appreciate him!

  10. This is adorable!!! Love is crazy you know. I would reccommend a book but maybe you've read it? I don't know...it's called Love and Respect, this book will CHANGE your life.

    What a great post! SO awesome!

  11. wow that is long! i am a mean bitch sometimes too! can't help it but i do know that it is important to show them how much we appreciate them....sometimes a smooch when he's least expecting makes him feel good! or holding his hand...why don't we do that now that we're older...:) i think a nice stroll (wherever) wrapped in his arms would be good enough....snuggle on the couch....i tried that one eve but the popcorn won me over...bahaha:)

  12. Ok this is coming at ironic timing. Hubby and I Just (seconds ago) had a blow up on the phone. Yesterday I was singing his praise and feeling so lucky that he was mine...and in this moment I want to throw 11+ years out the door. I wish I had something for you...but my heart's a little bit broken.

  13. I think is amamzing that the 2 of you have been together so long... you guys have an wonderful bond that will never be broken.
    There are times I feel like I'm being a 'bad' girlfriend and know it's for no reason at all. I also am very short, I snap, get angry for no reason.. all at this man who left at 2 am to buy me cough drops... how rude am I??
    I understand where you are coming from.
    I once put together a 'I'm so sorry' basket for him... I filled it will all of his favorite candies and snacks... I made a homemade card and had it sitting in the seat of his car for him to find the next morning. He was so suprised and happy.. it made his day.
    Also one day I made matching friendship bracelets, one for him and one for me... kinda cheesy I know. We wore them around our ankles.. he still wears his (it dirty and gross, but will never take it off) sadly I had to cut mine off when I was pregnant because my ankles swelled so much. He says when he looks at it, he's reminded how much I do love him and it makes him smile.

    I hope these ideas help... congratulations again on 15 years.


  14. Oh what a sweet post! My hubby and I are coming up on 14 years in May, and I don't know what I would do without him!

    I am following you as well, so I hope you come and visit!

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    When you get a chance, I would love for you to stop and follow me back!



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  17. aw! i love this post!!! so sweet!!


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