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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday!!

Landon's Sleeping!!!

He got up at 5 am this morning, Talk about one cranky little boy. We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant after church today, and that poor little guy was so tired a cranky,  he started screaming just to make sure everyone knew he was there!! Jon had to take him outside to calm him down, and that didn't even work.  He is now sleeping soundly!!!! Wooooooo!!!!

I soooo should be up cleaning and taking advantage of this baby free time, but instead I'm sitting here on the couch, blog surfing and watching lifetime!!! I have piles of laundry, and a few dishes in the  sink, and I'm not even sure the bed is made. I'm such a procrastinator, but its just sooo nice to have a lazy Sunday!!

The weather is beautiful today, its in the mid 50's. I think I may have a touch of spring Fever. I guess we will see on Wednesday how many weeks of winter we have left! Please Mr. Ground Hog don't see your shadow or maybe close your eyes!!

I promise I will post some of coupon tips I learned Friday night, as soon as I get my notes and thoughts together. I will tell you guys I was a bit overwhelmed!! You can really go coupon crazy, but the money you can save is unreal!!!

Happy Sunday Friends!! Love you all!!


  1. awww 50 degree's sounds wonderful I'd love 50. I think were below 0 today. Brrrrrr

    Aren't nap times wonderful. I wish my boys still took them I think they both gave them up for a new yrs resolution when they turned 2. Ur Little man is adorable

    Stopped by for comment love blog hop hope you'll do the same now a new follower as well

  2. 50 degrees sounds so great! I could use some 50 degree weather instead of 30 degrees.
    I love nap times...too bad my little terror doesn't like taking them. She thinks that if it is light outside she doesn't need to sleep. haha.

    I hope that you have a wonderful lazy sunday!

  3. Ahhh... It's good to know that I'm not the only only NOT cleaning during 'baby free time'. My little guy is also sleeping right now, and I should be doing dishing, laundry, anything.. BUT blog surfing is so much more fun today :0)
    Happy Lazy Sunday to you :)

  4. sundays are for lounging * enjoy, mama!

  5. I looovvee lazy Sundays! They are more common over here, I am sure, since we dont have kids yet!

    I have wanted to start doing the coupon thing for SO long but just cant get started! Someday...

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Hey girl! Take advantage of Lazy SUndays...they are my family's favorite! We were hopping between a wrestling tournament and swim meet yesterday. Needless to say, our boys are super tired today! I'm jealous of your weather. it was about 14 degrees this morning and freezing rain. Yikes...carefull drive to church!

  7. I LOVE Sunday naps after church!

    Uhhh, we are about to get dumped on (snow) here in Chicago. I LOVE that too!




  8. Can't wait for the coupon tips <3 Glad you had a fantabulous weekend! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. Do you have a Whole Foods near you? They carry them! so so yummy! <3 I hear they are in season year round and even better in the summer/early fall!

  10. It's in the 40's here and I'm shivering!! Hehe. I'm glad you had a good weekend! I hope your little one sleeps in tomorrow for you (:

  11. Relax and take it easy.......Thats what Sundays are for!

  12. Yikes. Tantrums are the worst. Our sunday consisted of going on kindegarten tours...nothing like that to make you realize your baby's getting old. XOXO

  13. I'm a new GFC follower from the 'I love my Online Friends Monday Hop'.


  14. Ha, I'm sitting here blog surfing and watching TV instead of cleaning, too! Nice to know I'm not the only one.

    We had some great weather over the weekend but now it's back to being cold and rainy. It was nice to get a sneak preview of Spring, at least.

    Nice to meet you!


  15. It was nice here yesterday too and now it's COLD! GR!

  16. Heather - visiting your blog is like getting a taste of spring! I really love it and everything you share. I hope the groundhog closes his eyes, haha!! :)

    I'm glad you got some YOU time!


  17. That is wonderful you took time on Sunday to relax, we all need to do that once in awhile to recharge. :-)

    I love couponing, saves so much money and time! I have been meaning to post about coupons and money saving ideas soon. Seems I'm always searching for more hours in my day! :-)

    Have a great night!


  18. I am SO ready for Spring!! And...everyone deserves a relaxing day...so congrats!!

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    Have a blessed Thursday!


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