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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Landons First Hair cut!!

Landon was blessed with a head full head of hair, like mine and his dads its thick and unmanageable. Before Landon was born, I told Jon that I wanted Landon to have Justin Bieber hair, or a surfer boy look. Silly I know!! I was determined to let his hair grow, unfortunately Landon's hair wasn't growing quite like I wanted, it was more Mullet like, shorter in the front and party in the back. Yeah well I'm not that big of a fan.... to say the least!!! LOL!!! I tried to hold off as long as I could!!

His bangs in his eyes!

Little Mullet side view!

Lucky me I now have a stylist in the family! My sister  just graduated from beauty school. I cant tell you how proud I am of her! She is so beautiful and so talented! I still haven't gotten the nerve to let her do my hair, it scares me just a little!! But New years day I let my her have the honors of giving Landon his first hair cut! I know I'm awful, not trusting her with my hair, but giving her free reign of Landon's.

It was so long!

Poor Lyndsie, I know she had to be exhausted by the time she was done with Landon's cut. He sat on my lap and we tried our best to keep him distracted with puffs and juice, it worked for a little while, but a 1 year old can only be distracted for so long, he stared turning his head, trying to get down, and poor Lyndsie was so patient and did the best job she could! It turned out Great! It was a little heart breaking watching his little curls fall to the ground, just knowing that, that was the hair he was born with.

It is becoming so much harder to get a good picture of him! Big Cheese and big boy hair!

Looking back I think I miss his longer hair. He just looks like a little man now. I don't like him growing up this fast! I think that this hair cut brought to reality that he is!! Yikes! Hes the love of my life!!!


  1. Aww the first hair cut is hard! But he looks so so cute!

  2. Oh beautiful! (I have 2 boys and YES! they can be beautiful!)




  3. The new haircut picture made me smile! LOVE it! So handsome. XOXO

  4. Nice hair cut and your baby is so cute!
    I'm a new follower and would love if you can visit my blog and maybe follow back :)

    Have a great week


  5. Ahhhh. Looks like he did pretty good :). Looks great.

  6. I am planning to put off A's first haircut as long as possible!!! My husband keeps teasing me about getting the scissors, but he doesn't even really need one yet. I just know I don't want that day to come ;-)


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