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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I ate Wednesday!

All the cool people are linking up with Jenn for her SUPER AWESOME What I Ate Wednesday! Well I didn't want to be left out any more!! I have been wanting to link up for a LOOOONG time, but I always forget to to take pictures of my meals and  today was no different! So with the help of a sweet Friend Michelle!

I present you with what I WISH I could eat Wednesday!!

So lets all imagine that, calories and fat don't exist and
everything is good for you!!!!


Yep I love me some bacon!!!

Mid- Morning Snack!!!

The whole entire box Of CHEEZ-IT DUOZ in Smoked Cheddar and Monetary Jack!


Ill go a little conservative with this one! A quarter pound cheeseburger loaded with yummy veggies, and 1 pound of salty french fires!!! LOL!!!
Nope I haven't gained one pound yet!

Mid- Afternoon Snack!

 a LARGE platter of all of my favorite Cheeses and a few crackers!!!



and last but not least!!

Mid Night Snack!!

A huge bowl about the size of my head, of Frosted Flakes!!!

Remember Calories and fat don't exist!!!!
I'm pretty full just thinking about all of this food!!! HAHA!
I do assure you that I in no way eat this way, just sometimes wish I could!!
What A fun linky party!! Thanks Jenn!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!


  1. ohhh I am going to do that next week… I love it!!!

  2. your breakfast sounds delicious! I could smell someone cooking bacon at lunch time outside... I was ready to go breaking and entering!

  3. GIRL, I'm lOVING your list!! I too, love maple syrup and bacon! And I haven't tried those kinds of cheezits yet, but I bet they're delish!!

    I could TOTALLY go for a world where calories don't exist!!!

  4. At first I didn't read the word "Wish" and I was floored that you ate all that. Until I finally got it that it was your wish list, hahaha!

    yeah, I'd like to eat like that too! ;)

  5. cheese and crackers are my weakness... if they are infront of me and yummy (aka not moldy) I HAVE to eat as many as I physically can =) its a rule. and because its a rule/law and all... calories dont count =)

    LOVED THE POST! HAPPY WIAW!!!!! You could do this every week and it would make me smile ;)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. yum... yum... and YUM!
    ok, so nothing beats a HUGE bowl of late night frosted flakes

  7. BAHAHA I LOVE IT! I'm so glad you linked up! Pancakes are my fave especially with bacon.. yum! I think we could split that 10 stack ;) I love Mexican too! And Cheez-its, cheeseburgers, cheese & crackers! Totally all my faves! Are we the same person? All we need is a quick slice of pizza! HAHA ... <3 U!

  8. Mmmmmmmm Love your foods! I'm going to go link up too! So FUN!
    Oh...I'm very hungry now after looking at your yummy foods!

  9. Haha what a great list! Just found your blog. I'm a new follower :)

  10. HAHA best idea ever!!! I love pancakes + bacon too :)


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